“I’m in a solitary confinement cell, it’s like a tiny concrete kennel”

“Greetings from isolation”

wrote Navalny on his social media, saying he was officially placed in solitary confinement for unbuttoning the top button of his uniform.

Navalny, 46, described his cell as a

tiny “concrete kennel”

where it is “very hot” and “there is hardly any air”. “There is only a cup and a book in my cell. I only have a spoon and a plate with meals,” she said. An iron bunk is lowered from the outside using a lever in the evening and stowed away early in the morning when they take away the mattress and pillow, she said. “No visits, no letters, no packages. This is the only place in the prison where smoking is prohibited,” she added.

Last week, Navalny announced that it had created a

trade union

in the penal colony where she works by sewing. While the union scored a first victory – the stools used by inmates working on the sewing machines were replaced with chairs – Navalny said he received warnings from the prison administration.

Putin’s opponent had served two and a half years for violating parole on charges of fraud, but in March his

prison sentence was extended to nine years

after being found guilty of embezzling donations to his political organizations and contempt of court.

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