‘I’m leaving. And yours’

Brazilian team star would have stated that he will not have much more time playing for Canarinho

THE Brazilian Team already has good prospects for its future, with Vinicius Jr, Militão, Antony and other names standing out. One of the players on this list is Rodrygowho already shines with the shirt of the Real Madrid.

Is for Neymar, the ex-Santos will be his natural successor with the number 10 shirt for Amarelinha. In an interview with podPahthe merengue striker revealed that the star of PSG already ‘promised’ him the shirt when he leaves the selection.

“Neymar said: ‘I’m already leaving the selection and 10 is yours’. I didn’t even know what to say to him. I was embarrassed, I giggled and didn’t even know what to say properly. I told him that he has to play some more, that I didn’t want to now and stuff. And then he had a laugh,” he said.

Ney, however, was not the only one to make predictions about the young Brazilian’s career. Rodrygo also revealed that Zidane and Ancelotti said they see the striker as a future winner of the best in the world award.

“Zidane said that one day I would be the best in the world. Ancelotti also spoke. I try to train and evolve every day to get there. I was very happy. I have this dream and I know that if I dedicate myself each day I can get there,” he said.

Last season, in which he won LaLiga and the Champions League, Rodrygo appeared in 49 matches, with nine goals scored. The most important occurred against Chelsea and Manchester City by the Champions League.

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