‘I’m pushing hard to do it’

The actress is looking forward to filming a third installment of the comedy, but what is the current situation?

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Anne Hathaway has had a prolific career to date taking up more or less busy roles. However for a generation of fans the actress is best known as the star of Pretty PrincessL’Disney adaptation 2001 of the homonymous book by Meg Cabot. The first film followed Pretty Princess 2 in 2004 and now there would be the idea of ​​continuingas Hathaway pointed out in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Doubts of Julia Andrews


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“I’d really like to do it, I’m pushing for it,” revealed Anne Hathaway, adding: “If we could find a way to involve Julie Andrews, I think it could work ”. In 2019, rumors hinted that the script for a third Pretty Princess had been written and that the realization of the project depended on the return of Hathaway and Andrews. In an interview in early 2022, Andrews, however, expressed his doubts, especially after the death of director Garry Marshall in 2016. “I think it would be too late to do that now,” Andrews said. “There was talk of a sequel many, many years ago. But it never happened, and Garry left us. It’s too late for me now. It’s a good idea, but I don’t think it’s possible ”.

Pretty Princess 3 just for a good idea


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“The humor and understanding of human nature,” Andrews said of why she joined the franchise. “I think it was the story idea too, of course, but Garry was incredibly generous. When I first met him, and had never met him until the role was talked about, he posed some fabulous questions, like where do you think Genovia is? What do you think Genovia is famous for? “So get on with the saga without Marshall, the actress doesn’t think it’s possible or maybe he feels it a bit like a betrayal. So Hathaway would have to convince her in some way to hope for a third film or come up with a script where her presence is not necessary. But how would the fans take it?

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