“I’m ready”, this movie star hopes to reprise her role in one of the best science fiction films of the last 20 years!

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If we have been waiting for a sequel for almost 10 years now, it was in 2014 that we were able to enjoy this work featuring none other than Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

A sequel planned for Edge of Tomorrow?

At the head of one of the biggest successes of this summer, namely Oppenheimer, it was duringa Happy Sad Confused podcast that the actress indulged in some confessions, particularly regarding the movie Edge of Tomorrow. If fans loved the first film released in 2014, it is natural that everyone is now waiting for its sequel, but if it has not yet seen the light of day, it would be because of Tom Cruise.

It’s not my fault if it hasn’t been made yet, I promise you… the reason for this long wait lies elsewhere.

Emily Blunt

Indeed, it would seem that the young woman has already read the script by director Doug Limanbut with the strike of actors and screenwriters that there is currently in Hollywood, she does not know where and when filming will begin, but that is not the only reason. Jokingly, she also said that her on-screen partner, Tom Cruise, had a ministerial schedule and that it was unfortunately difficult to be able to agree with the latter. Yes, we must admit that he is one of the most famous stars in Hollywood, and it is difficult to find time for all the projects.

There was a script that Doug Liman sent me… I would love to direct it, but I don’t know when, or how, or how much Mission Impossible Tom Cruise needs (…) He needs to break free. …Wasn’t he brilliant in the role of the cowardly hero? He was incredible.

Emily Blunt

A series while waiting for the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow

So unfortunately at the time of writing these lines we will have to wait a while longer (several years in reality) before being able to enjoy a second film ofEdge of Tomorrowknow thata series based on the latter is currently in preparation.

However, the information on the latter is still far too thin at the time of writing these lines, but if you do not know Edge of Tomorrow, know that the 2014 film is available on the Prime Video platform (which requires an Amazon Prime subscription). However, it is not included in the subscription, you must rent it for €2.99 or buy it for €7.99.

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