I’m tired of the usual “handsome” men that make me swoon over Barry Keogh or Rowan Atkinson with Brad Pitt every day

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It feels like there’s something shifting happening in the way we view the attractiveness of male stars in Hollywood.

Barry Keoghan’s look is simply captivating, exciting and captivating to meImage source: Getty
I love Adam Driver, his cheeks last for weeks and his nose slides offCredit: Rex

In the past, you had to be someone like Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Ryan Gosling to fawn over women and make a killing at the box office.

But now we’re starting to get angry at the sight of less-than-typically handsome men.

Take Saltburn star glorious Barry Keoghan.

To me, his appearance is simply captivating, exciting and captivating, and I can’t deny that his presence on screen makes me feel inappropriately excited.

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And I’m not the only one.

He became a trending topic on Twitter/X after wearing a striking red suit at the Golden Globes over the weekend.

The overall feeling is that he looks like your cool lesbian aunt coming to Christmas dinner – but still hot.

In fact, I’m already in love with the 2022 31-year-old movie “Inishereen.”

Like, I’m talking about a big problem.

This may be a bit surprising, since in this role he plays a tragic, misunderstood and shunned character with very few words.

I don’t know what’s going on with him.

He wore a thick hood and had a stern gaze, which didn’t look very welcoming.

They have more than a hint of meaning.

His nose is probably far from perfect.

But to me, his whole look is kind of exciting.

Speaking of weird-looking men, there’s Jeremy Allen White, star of the hit Disney+ movie Bear.

And there’s actor Adam Driver, who has cheeks that last for weeks and noses that slide off – but there’s something moody and dark about him that really gets to me.

Granted, I guess I’ve always been attracted to men who “looked different.”

Or maybe it’s just that I’ve never really been attracted to, or uncomfortable with, conventionally good-looking people.

We women often say that handsome men know they are handsome, so they are very conceited.

They have a stubborn vanity that is only matched by their sense of expectation, which in turn makes them lazy because they know they don’t have to work as hard as those who look the least conventional.

I find the typical immoral man offensive for that reason alone.

If you give me a flawed guy – let’s say, a big guy – with at least half a set of teeth, I’m all for it.

If nothing else, they’re certainly more interesting.

Of course, beauty should come from within, but we all know you can’t get that kind of beauty just by seeing someone on the big screen.

So our impression is always about appearance first, and talent second.

We are only human.

Attraction occurs when you meet someone for the first time—or not.

I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with actor Benicio Del Toro for years.

And there’s Benedict Cumberbatch, whose talent has long since transcended his unusual appearance, leading to a legion of “Cumberbatch bitches” admiring him from far and near.

I’m sure most women don’t need to ask Liam Neeson twice.

His entire creation is irresistible, but his rough face cannot be considered beautiful in the conventional sense.

That’s what we love about his face.

Our collective belief is that he is a strong man*d and threatened to kill anyone who tried to harm us.

Perhaps it is this volatility and danger, uncertainty and unpredictability, that we admire in the face of mathematical imperfection and balance.

never revved my engine

You have to admit, there’s something more interesting about an unusual face, right?

If you have perfect eyes, perfect teeth and a godly sculpted nose, I’m afraid I’m out.

Nothing about such a face interests me. Sorry, Brad.

The reason Brad Pitt has never excited me or revved my engines is that while I fully admit that he is flawless and I know everything about his face is real, his appearance turns me off .

What you see is actually what you get.

On the other hand, give me Barry Keoghan and I could stare at his face and all his ups and downs, swings and twists forever.

Women all over the world fall in love with men like Timothée ChalametImage source: Getty
We’ve come to love weird-looking men like Jeremy Allen White, star of the hit Disney+ movie BearsImage source: Mega Agency

I’m interested in his face.

It makes me think it has a story to tell.

Not all, I suspect, is good.

However, waking up next to Brad’s face every morning either puts me back to sleep or just superficially reminds me of how imperfect my own face is.

No one wants this.

In Hollywood, men’s appearance is clearly taken more seriously.

For skinny guys like Timothée Chalamet, Tom Holland and Charlie Heaton, their female co-stars are stunning beauties.

This is why many of us women grow up with deep-rooted insecurities about our appearance, and most of us have a hard time accepting our bodies for what they are.

Luckily, things are starting to change and we’re seeing different images of women projected on billboards and screens.

Older, larger, weirder faces and bodies.

But the neighborhood is definitely easier to ride.

If a person has a strange, unconventional face, we praise their talent.

But it’s nearly impossible for a woman to overcome this obstacle and be appreciated for her talents.

Men with funny faces are always considered funny.

They are even considered deeper and more interesting.

Women, on the other hand, are more likely to be eliminated.

Let’s not forget that the only way Hollywood could get the public to digest women who were not traditionally beautiful was by adding the word “ugly” to the title of the early 2000s TV series Ugly Betty.

It stars the beautiful America Ferrera, who is, in fact, not ugly at all.

So while I love this new twist on making hot stars out of men who don’t look like cardboard cutouts of Brad, George, Ryan, etc., I really hope it extends to women just as generously .

I will always be a member of Team Barrie.

I wouldn’t even say no to Rowan Atkinson.

Call me unconventional if you want.

Just don’t call me handsome.

I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with actor Benicio Del Toro for yearsImage source: Getty
Benedict Cumberbatch’s female fans call themselves ‘Cumberbitches’Credit: Rex
Gone are the days when you had to look like Brad Pitt to get a box office roleImage source: Getty
Skinny schoolboys like Charlie Heaton are in vogueCredit: Rex
The world has moved beyond Ryan Gosling-style guysCredit: Rex

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