Image: Painter died while working in front of colleagues who tried every means to revive him

The man fell asleep while sitting and had a seizure – Supplied

A painter working on a construction site died suddenly just moments after sitting down during his workday. Colleagues saw his sudden convulsion and stepped forward to help him cope, but they still could not bring the worker back to consciousness.

Author: Herald

The incident that happened to the painter took place in the central Indian city of Indore a few days before the New Year celebrations. The video was recorded and spread on social networks a few days later. The video received more than 83,000 views in just one day. Copied several times and spread wildly on the Internet. was uploaded to the Internet.

What happened to the Indian painter who died while working on his work?

A surveillance camera installed at a property under renovation in Indore captured the moment the 32-year-old painter passed out while sitting on a can of paint. As the video continues, three other co-workers can be seen accompanying the victim on construction work.

In an instant, the painter quickly put his hand on his heart and then sat on the boat. He was still obviously tired and covered his face with a piece of cloth. Judging from the time of the video, it took about two minutes before the worker gradually lowered his head, as if falling asleep.

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