Images of the fire that broke out at a factory in Chikoroapan

A solvent recycling plant caught fire in the city of Cikoloapan (screenshot)
A solvent recycling plant caught fire in the city of Cikoloapan (screenshot)

This Sunday, August 6, 2023 at noon, fire A large amount of solvent was recovered at solvent recycling plants and warehouses in San Vicente ChicoloapanInitialization State of Mexico (Edmex). No official report has been released, but initial versions indicate that the flames originated after the explosion. Inside the complex.

It was via the office’s verified Twitter account. civil protection Initialization state of mexico of municipalities confirmed the existence of fires. San Vicente Chicoloapan. In this regard, they recommended that residents be granted unfettered access to emergency vehicles specialized in fire suppression.

“Note. factory fire Located on the high ground in central Avastos, on the corner of Avenida Juarez, on the Mexico-Texcoco highway Chicoloa bread. Allows free passage for emergency vehicles. Please be very careful,” they wrote on their @pcivildomex verified Twitter account.

The fire was confirmed by the Mexican State Civil Protection Agency (Twitter/@pcivildomex)
The fire was confirmed by the Mexican State Civil Protection Agency (Twitter/@pcivildomex)

So far, officials have not disclosed the balance due to the fire. However, unofficial sources said there were no reports of injuries or deaths in the incident. And since it was the weekend, the facility should have been empty.

The Federal Electricity Commission has only one employee (CFEMore), was interviewed by the media tv forumbecause there was a fire while he cut off the electricity supply, he shocked for metal object A person blown out of a factory by an explosion. despite this, No injuries or discomfort reported.

Due to its location in an industrial area, fire and civil protection teams quickly arrived on the scene and began containment operations. And the speed of the fire’s spread made it a more potential risk for the flames to reach other buildings and warehouses in areas where potentially dangerous objects, such as gas tanks, were located. That’s it.

A building near Central de Avastus de Chicoroapan exploded and went up in flames.

In that sense, the first to arrive on the scene were firefighters belonging to the local government. Chicoloa bread. Due to the close distance, the following teams will participate. Chimaruwakanthe scale of the fire necessitated the assistance of base-based personnel, Nezahualcoyotl Municipality, Tex Coco, The Kings La Paz and the eastern Mexico City.

Dozens of images and videos documenting the existence of the fire inside the factory have been released through social networks. Audiovisual material was recorded from various angles, including highways, supply centers, and even inside buildings several meters away from the source.

In some images A column of smoke several meters high. The scale was such that some people were able to observe the black clouds rising from within the building from several hundred meters away.

The smoke column reached several meters in height (N+)
The smoke column reached several meters in height (N+)

At first, thin pillars began to grow, and flames spread throughout the factory. However, the presence of firefighters was advantageous in slowing and stopping the progress of the fire. The work consisted of installing a fence to control the flames, which was used to thin and whiten the column of smoke.

According to the information provided, Samuel Gutierrez Maciasgeneral coordinator of civil protection In an interview in Mexico forum tv, No injuries or deaths were reported, but the fire broke out by 3:30 p.m. 50% forward on control and extinction of fire. A few hours later, at approximately 5:30 PM, the flames rose briefly, but were brought under control by personnel.

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