Immediately find the 50 lire with Vulcano and earn € 5000: here are what

Since the establishment of the Italian Republic, a few months after the end of the Second World War, in 1946, the lira under the new system has undergone profound changes compared to the currencies used up to that time: old monetary “cuts” have been revolutionized while others made their appearance shortly thereafter. The 50 lire is a very important and equally widespread issue throughout the second half of the twentieth century, especially in its most common representation, known as Vulcan.

Common currency

The term Volcano comes directly from the most common representation that highlights the god Vulcan (the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hephaestus) while he is busy working on an anvil, a symbol of work.

This issue was minted in large quantities from 1954 until 1989, when it was replaced by the homologous variant small, unfortunate and appreciated. On the side of Vulcano there is the year of issue, the face value of 50 lire and the symbol of the Mint (an R), while the other side is recognizable by the profile of a woman, surrounded by the words of the Italian Republic.

An alloy composed of iron and chromium, extremely widespread at that time, known as acmonital was used.

Immediately find the 50 lire with Vulcano and earn € 5000: here are what

Before mass production, the mint developed several test emissions, starting from 1950 until 1954. One of these is particularly coveted and has an average value of € 5,000 due to a particularly marked rarity. The emission is very similar to the “final” one, with the aesthetic difference given by the writing Trial on the side of Vulcano. A few years ago a perfectly preserved specimen (Fior di Conio) was sold for just over 6000 euros.

There is also a test version without writing, but recognizable by a sort of pearly inner edge, which is still worth over 2000 euros if in absolutely perfect condition.

50 lire volcano

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