Immigrants are to earn twice as much as Poles. A controversial recipe

From next year, if someone hires a part-time immigrant, they will still have to pay him a minimum of PLN 3010 and pay tax and contributions on this amount. Such cases, as Michał Koniecocki, director of the Immigration Law Department at Sadkowski i Wspólnicy, noted in an interview with, are not unique at all.

There are a record number of applications for a residence card, the shortage of employees in many branches of our economy is huge, and many employers employ foreigners not full-time, but only one second, or even one third of a full-time job.

As Monika Kolasińska, attorney at law in the Labor Law Department of Sadkowski i Wspólnicy, noted in an interview with, from the amended act on employing foreigners it follows directly that even if a foreign employee is employed on a part-time basis and works for a month, e.g. only 4 days, the employer will still be obliged to pay him the minimum wage. In her opinion, the provision discriminates against non-foreigners.

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