Immigrants have reverted to the old strategy. One by one the “couriers” came. Another forceful attempt to cross the border [FOTO]

Yesterday, the police detained nine people in connection with aiding in illegal border crossing. They are four citizens of Poland, two of Ukraine, as well as Germany, Azerbaijan and Georgian. All of them wanted to transport 34 people who had crossed the border illegally in their cars. There was also a force attempt to cross the border.

A few minutes after 2 o’clock at the checkpoint in Rzędziany (in the Białystok poviat), the uniform was stopped by a Renault driven by a Ukrainian citizen who was transporting one Syrian.

Around 3.30 am in Reduty the policemen detained the passat for control. It turned out that a German citizen of Syrian origin was transporting four Iraqis.

Around 4 a.m., policemen from Krakow near Hajnówka chased a Mazda driver who did not stop for inspection. They overtook the escaping car and cut the road forcing them to stop. It turned out that the Azerbaijani citizen was carrying three Iraqis in the car.

Before 8 in the town of Hruskie (Augustów poviat), a uniform from Łódź stopped a Ford Galaxy, whose driver and passenger – Polish citizens – were carrying five Syrians.

Before 8 pm in Szczyty Dzięciołowo, policemen from Krakow arrested Opel zafira. The Ukrainian was carrying seven Iraqi citizens in his car.

Around 7 pm, policemen from Szczecin in the town of Olchowicze (Mielnik commune) noticed a car which, at the sight of the marked police car, turned around and drove away at high speed in the opposite direction. They found the vehicle near Pawłowicz. The driver turned out to be a citizen of Georgia. The police established that the man was carrying four people who had escaped to a nearby forest. The driver said he was transporting immigrants who had crossed the border illegally. The man was arrested.

After 8 p.m. in Rzędziany the policemen stopped the Mercedes Vito. It was driven by a Polish citizen who was transporting four Syrians.

After 8 p.m. in Szczyty Dzięciołowo, policemen from Krakow stopped the Ford for inspection. The Pole driving the car was carrying six Syrian citizens.

Around 4.30 p.m. in the vicinity of the village of Starzyny (Dubicze Cerkiewne commune), the police intervened in connection with an attempt by a group of migrants to cross the border. Foreigners threw stones at the officers and soldiers. None of the interveners were injured. Two vehicles were damaged – in one of them the windshield and dented sheets were broken, and in the other – the car body was damaged. 63 policemen participated in this intervention.

Photos of the destroyed police cars:


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