Impact of health and well-being on work productivity

Health and well-being constitutes a new paradigm aimed at improving user and professional experience in health centres, Through contributions from non-nursing services. This concept of “well-being” encompasses the quality of patients’ work and recovery environments, the training and growth of health care and non-nursing staff, the physical and mental health of health professionals, and, of course, the well-being of patients.

Although non-nursing services may be considered secondary or ancillary services, partly because they are support activities to the primary activity, it is a set of practices that are decisive for the proper functioning of any health center. so, this Cleaning, engineering, construction and design, maintenance, intralogistics or waste management servicesThese ultimately have a direct impact on the quality of care provided, as they help create and maintain safer, more comfortable and more efficient spaces.

To promote this well-being, the work environment must be more pleasant and humane, improving the patient experience as well as the motivation and performance of those working in these centres.To achieve this goal, we must promote A strategy that starts with planning the construction of a health center Or retrofit an existing one.

This approach involves considering the following factors: Spatial layout, lighting, ventilation and the integration of humanized environmental elements, by transforming the culture of healthcare services into a resource for personalized assistance, promoting intimacy and empathy for users, focusing on the needs of patients and families as well as professionals and maintaining emotional well-being. Nursing and non-nursing.

In this context, increasing the motivation of non-nursing staff is crucial. Therefore, initiatives aimed at providing a more transversal view of their work within the system and increasing their efficiency through professionalization must be launched. Apart from, If non-nursing service professionals realize the importance of their work and the impact of their interventions on patient recovery, will promote a better work environment and enhance purpose as a key element of work performance.

Increased motivation among non-nursing staff can be based on three specific actions. First, the importance of the work they perform in the health sector value chain is communicated to them through workshops and training sessions in which they attend.In this way they are displayed Non-nursing work contributes to patient recovery, improves family members’ stay and optimizes the process of care.

The second action will focus on Promote their education and training to further their professional development in the field. Finally, the third action will focus on establishing multidisciplinary teams to involve non-nursing staff in the continuous improvement of processes. Simply put, participation in decision-making and problem-solving by all team members, regardless of their role, can have a positive impact on the overall operation and efficiency of the medical center.

In this sense, there is an increasing need to create a Strategic training plans to include and improve the integration of non-nursing staff into the system, optimize resources and improve process efficiency. Furthermore, this approach will help them feel part of the team, which will strengthen their commitment, motivation, and thus increase their productivity.

We all know that wellness not only has a positive impact on healthcare and patient experience; Critical to non-nursing staff’s motivation and productivity.

Create a pleasant environment, promote multi-disciplinary training, and team integration They are critical steps towards a more efficient and satisfying health system. Investments in health and well-being are investments in stronger, more sustainable health systems and are therefore a necessary enhancement to ensure medium- to long-term momentum.

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