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And if the most staggering sequence of the last Impossible mission was not that of the train? If this never-ending climax still stuns us, there is more shocking 🙁SPOILERS) the tragic death of Ilsa Faust, a major character in the best (current) action film franchise since Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

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7 years of opus in her precious company, but a dramatic end for this spy embodied with conviction by Rebecca Ferguson. Fighting, brilliant, and finally… sacrificed, during a tough scene where Ethan Hunt must choose between saving the one who is dear to him and the newcomer to the gang, the thief Grace (Hayley Atwell), from the clutches of the big bad Gabriel. This end has greatly saddened the fanbase of the saga.

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We could even see there a spring worthy of the best series (and also the worst): eject a character from the story by eliminating it purely and simply. Guaranteed shock to the public. But in fact, this decision was absolutely nothing free. For what ? Filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie explains it all.

“We’ve been talking about it for a long time!”

The space of an interview granted to the podcast of the Empire cinema magazine, the director and co-screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie actually wanted to reassure us: in fact, killing Ilsa Faust is a carefully considered decision. For many months, the idea ran through the head of the director and his star, Tom Cruise. As the latter turned in Top Gun: Maverick of Joseph Kosinski, the choice was already debated!

This was the subject of our first conversations about this Mission: Impossible. We were on the set of Top Gun, we were already talking about it. We didn’t want Ilsa to just become a romance plot for Ethan Hunt, because there was never any intention of creating a female character defined by her love affair with Ethan. Moreover, their relationship transcends the framework of traditional love stories.“, he explains.

Kill the character so as not to impoverish or betray him? It holds. The filmmaker continues:Ethan and Ilsa are doomed to be together and at the same time doomed to never be together…I felt like this story was looking for resolution…and so we concluded it had to happen“. A fatality therefore, if we follow the logic of the story. Or perhaps, the best way to complete an important narrative arc?

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Also, we have to have the courage to let Ethan fail and it has to cost him, the mission has to cost him personally, because without that, the bad guy wouldn’t be a threat.“Thinking above all about the dramatic effectiveness of a story, even if it means being as cruel as an episode of Game Of Thrones. Explanations that will perhaps encourage some fans to forgive this radical choice for the filmmaker and his star?

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