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A single wrong maneuver was enough to cause damage for euros to two luxury cars in Stuttgart: this is what you must not do to avoid finding yourself in the same situation as the two unfortunate SUVs.

The accidents unfortunately they can happen to everyone, caused by multiple factors: human error, distraction, accidental causes, illness. A thousand aspects to be carefully evaluated because, as you know, the caution when it comes to the road, it’s never enough. It can even happen that they are involved in an accident very expensive carsreal symbols of automotive luxury par excellence.

Porche macan S crashed on another luxury car –

If the vehicles involved in the accident are insured, there is not much to fear. But problems can arise when crashed cars are worth it hundreds of thousands of euros: cold sweats are really lurking and could turn into real bloodletting from which it is impossible to get up.

Now viral, a video most likely coming from Spain very similar to the one a few months ago in which a Mazda thief had taken a wrong turn and, with the car he had just stolen, had taken the descent stairs of the subway. A real sketch worthy of Supercar, one might say. But the best is yet to come.

The recent video, however, shows quite different scenes: a accident that is truly unbelievablea hallucinating sequence to leave you breathless both for the dynamics of the clash and for the damage irreparable that it caused. Hundreds of thousands of euros shattered in seconds, from panic. Let’s find out what happened.

The damage served

The video that is now shooting at the speed of light on social media takes one Porche Macan S perched on the roof of a Panamera. We are not kidding, we swear to you, it really happened: an accident that has some supernaturalreally unbelievable. Worthy of the best action moviesbut the reality is very different and also unpleasant.

How this was possible is what everyone is wondering when looking at the images: the SUV equipped with a 400 hp V6 was evidently in the hands of a person who did not know how to drive it then so good. The woman who was driving the car, one 45 year old from Madridhe was apparently maneuvering in the garden in complete tranquility when, instead of braking, he suddenly accelerated, using the Panamera itself as a launch pad.

rescue after the accident between luxury cars –

A disaster real which involved two luxury cars and provoked enormous damage. Fortunately for her, the woman is fine, but we would say no to her cars: both to throw away, they have a total value of almost 200,000 euros, divided as follows: 78,000 for the Porche and 100,000 for the Panamera. An unprecedented bang!

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