In 2021, more civil weddings than church weddings. The Curia explains it as a pandemic

“In Krakow, the number of civil weddings is growing year by year, and in the last two years it has exceeded the number of concordat weddings, i.e. church weddings, religious weddings,” according to data prepared by the magistrate. The Curia explains it as a pandemic.

The spokesman of the Krakow curia, Fr. Łukasz Michalczewski estimated that the statistics for the last two years are caused by a pandemic. Michalczewski also emphasized that this year 2022 “will be rich in weddings” – which is already indicated by the calendar.

The data of the Krakow registry office show that in 2020 and 2021 the number of civil weddings was higher than concordat weddings – church weddings or religious weddings.

In 2021, 1,842 civil and 1,345 church weddings were concluded in the city. In 2020 – 1,432 civil and 1,277 church weddings.

In the previous years, there were more concordat weddings, but – as statistics show – the number of civil weddings was systematically growing, and the number of concordat weddings decreased. And so, in 2019, 1,558 civil acts were signed in Kraków, and 1,725 ​​couples were married in the church. In 2018, there were 1,495 civil and 1,822 church weddings. In 2017 – 1,422 civil and 1,812 church ones. In 2016 – civil 1294 and church 1884.

Some people get a civil marriage earlier, and a church wedding is postponed for various reasons. Before the pandemic, this was due to, for example, credits. During the pandemic, church ceremonies were canceled, among others due to the inability to organize a large party, which was planned and which, due to the restrictions, could not take place – explained Fr. Michalczewski. As he added, many couples in Krakow are practicing Catholics, but due to canonical obstacles they cannot take the sacrament of marriage – for example, the faithful who have not received the annulment of their previous relationship. The spokesman noted that for such people there is a pastoral care for families in accordance with the exhortation (papal teaching document – RMF FM) “Amoris Laetitia” (Polish Joy of Love) of Pope Francis.

The data of the magistrate also shows that among civil weddings there are more and more weddings concluded outside the walls of the state office. In the last year, 214 marriages were concluded outside the office, in 2020 – 126, in 2019 – 115. For a civil ceremony, couples are more and more willing to choose the open air, barges on the Vistula River, scenic restaurant terraces, gardens on the Wawel Hill or the gardens of the Archaeological Museum.

In 2021, a total of 4,445 marriage certificates were prepared in Krakow, of which about a quarter are the so-called special modes, incl. transcriptions of foreign marriage certificates. A year earlier there were 3,286 marriage certificates in the city.

The past year has brought marriage to 359 foreigners in Krakow. Among mixed couples, the most numerous were Polish-Ukrainian (102), Polish-Italian (20) and Polish-French (17) weddings.). The inhabitants of Krakow also stood at the wedding carpet with the citizens of, inter alia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Jordan, Tajikistan, Colombia, South Korea, Mongolia, El Salvador, Seychelles.

The Krakow office also concluded 25 marriages between the foreigners themselves. The largest number, ie 13, was in the Ukraine – Ukraine relation. The remaining 12 unions are pairs from the following countries: Belgium – Romania, Belgium – Ukraine, Belarus – Belarus, Belarus – Nigeria, Belarus – Russia, Belarus – Ukraine, Bulgaria – Turkey, Croatia – Spain, Finland – Senegal, France – Russia, Guatemala – Iran, Russia – USA.

In the past year, the registry office organized 28 jubilee celebrations for couples who have lived together 50 years or more. The jubilarians received medals “For Longtime Marriage”.

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