in 2021 turnover over 553 million euros

Turnover soars to over 553 million euros: about 250 million more than the previous year. But also the gross operating margin (ebitda), which went from 8.4 to 42.3 million, and profits, with a net result of over 39 and a half million euros (it was less than 2 million in 2020). These are the numbers, disclosed by Bresciaoggi, of the 2021 financial statements of Valsabbia Investimenti, the group (with headquarters in Odolo) to which Ferriera Valsabbia Spa refers, which in turn controls – totally or majority – the Ecoacciai and Vergomasco companies, also in Odolo, Pontenossa Spa in the homonymous municipality of Bergamo (Ponte Nossa) and finally the German Valsabbia Deutschland.

Specifically, the 2021 financial statements closed with 553.8 million euros in revenues, largely attributable to Ferriera Valsabbia itself, which went from 252.3 million in 2020 to 452.5 million last year. Profits are also returning to Ferriera, at 14.5 million euros, against the deficit of 2020 (-6.6 million), probably also a consequence of the pandemic. There are also 10 million investments.

The companies of the group

The history of the Ferriera Valsabbia (and later of the Valsabbia Investimenti, now led by Fabrizio Oliva) is lost in the past decades, opened more than half a century ago. Currently the group has 347 employees, located in the various companies (but the Ferriera is still the one that obviously has the most employees). In this sense, La Ferriera does not betray its name: it specializes in the production of steel in billets and rebars from beloved concrete.

Ecoacciai, on the other hand, is specialized in the crushing of cars at the end of their life, recovering, recycling and marketing a wide range of metal scrap: the Pontenossa company recovers the metals contained in the residues deriving from the steel production process using an electric furnace, it extracts zinc oxide avoiding losing the resource and reducing landfilling. Finally Vergomasco, which manages a landfill for inert waste deriving from the melting process.

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