In 2023, SWD will serve nearly 1,000 girls and boys at eight home gathering sites across the region

In 2023, the Government of Castilla-La Mancha provided assistance to nearly 1,000 boys and girls at eight family gathering points in the region and conducted more than 7,300 interviews.

Additionally, in fiscal year 2023, under the District’s Family Gathering Points program, a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, social workers, and educators, as well as entities involved in these services, will provide services to minors with non-custodial parents and Facilitate meetings with other members of the biological family.

Family gathering points are directed at the minor’s father, mother or person exercising legal guardianship, brothers, sisters or the minor’s extended family intervening in the interests of the minor, provided that at least one of them or the minor himself is registered or has a habitual residence Located in the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha.

In these centres, family members in crisis due to separation, divorce, marital breakdown or family conflict are brought together for temporary intervention of a psychosocial and socio-educational nature by a dedicated team of professionals.

Therefore, the purpose of this resource is to comply with the visitation regime, seek to normalize relations between the different parts of the family unit, provide the different agents with full autonomy and independence from the resource, and promote the emotional and emotional development of the family members. minor.

As of 2022, there are 7 family gathering points, 1 in each provincial capital city and 2 more in Talavera de la Reina and Alcazar de San Juan. In April 2023, a new point was opened in Hellín, thus fulfilling the commitment of President Emiliano García-Page to improve the quality of care for children and parents in the province of Albacete.

Likewise, the program at the regional level is implemented in partnership with the entities Amifam and Colabora, with a total allocation of €1,489,779.20 for 2023, providing subsidies through the Children and Families Appeal of the Directorate-General Childhood and Families.

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