In 5 photos, the stunning transformation Adele

The british singer shared a picture with the that surprised his millions of followers for her very thin figure

The singer Adele it takes months of processing, but the photo you posted on your social networks with your birthday number 32 has left his followers more than surprised, because her new figure has nothing to do with the artist than it was a few years ago.

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Let us remember the british when he released his first single “Rolling in the Deep: Adele sported a clear overweight that was mildly criticized; however, the years have passed and the results of their efforts with a healthy diet and exercise transformed to the extent not resemble in anything to the woman 2010.

Here we will show you its transformation.

Adele he began his career at the age of 19, precisely with the disk that was named age, she knew to call the attention for their talent rather than their body and their dress in the color black.


Three years later, in 2011, he premiered his second album titled “21”. Although the name of the disk has its origin, like the first, in the age of the artist, this time was not established for the years that you had when it premiered, but the moment you start writing your own songs.

Adele already showed an attitude much more mature during their presentations, with the black, again, as the ‘king’ of your closet.


His third album came out in 2015 and is a representation of his time as a mom. Adele showed an attitude much more serious and wistful, which made his popularity grew.

Time after, the singer said: “before I cried, now sudo” because it was a painful divorce from british entrepreneur Simon Konecki, the father of his only son. That was the beginning of his absolute transformation. Also read: Adele collided with a hot body to celebrate her birthday


In an interview with People magazine, Adele confessed that she was following a vegetarian diet without fizzy drinks, meats, sweets, processed foods, and also no tobacco nor alcohol. Keep in mind that the singer went on to say that he could drink a bottle of wine a day.


In 2016, the singer told Vogue that had begun to work to stay in shape and be at the height in their performances.

Now, the singer of “Someone like you” is one of the most important artists in the world of music and is an example in every aspect of life, both personal, professional and spiritual.

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