In 5 Steps Yanet García Tells You How to Get the Body of Your Dreams

The 30-year-old host who rose to fame after being “The weather girl” on the “Hoy” program, in a recent interview for an entertainment magazine, shared what are the steps to get a great body

Mexico.- The royal and former girl of the hottest climate in all of Mexico Yanet García is known for showing off a heart attack; envy of many and desire of many. However, to achieve such a physique, the star of social networks has had to be constant with his exercise routines as well as eat a balanced diet. Here we share the 5 steps you must take to have a figure as splendid as hers.

There is no doubt that the constant photographs that the 30-year-old actress and host shares on her different virtual platforms have contributed greatly to making her an icon of sensuality and provocation and a large part of these gifts is in her incredible physique, which has been determined to show that it is the product of their strenuous exercise routines.


The 30-year-old host who rose to fame after being “La chica del clima” on the Televisa program “Hoy”, in a recent interview for a magazine specializing in entertainment, shared what are the steps to get a body like him that she shows and although you who are reading this note expect tips or suggestions based on physical exercises, you will be surprised to know that the steps that García takes are a bit far from what you would expect to concentrate more on the psychological and psychic aspect surrounding exercise routines.

The advice is given by the sensual “weather girl” is supported by 5 qualities: focus on individuality (not compare yourself with anyone in the process of building your body), take care of emotions (that you experience when you are doing your activity routines physical), find a reason (this will be essential so you do not throw in the towel shortly after starting), learn to balance (much does not mean better, so you will have to be balanced, both in your exercise and in food) and finally, start small (don’t want to start eating the world, it’s better to go easy)

As you can see, these steps shared by the girlfriend of American actor Lewis Howes, beyond focusing on dictating specific steps for certain exercises, are guidelines that have helped the 30-year-old actress to continue giving everything to her routines that have allowed her to have the body that she has and achieve with it, the fame she enjoys, as one of the most ardent conductors, not only on Mexican television but at the Latin American level.

In the publication shared on his official Instagram account, Yanet García thanks the magazine in charge of publishing the note in which he gives the tips to follow “to have a great body”, highlighting in turn that he did it with the desire that the people who want to start this new 2021 do it in the best way. In this sense, the “weather girl” invited all those whose purpose is to build their body to enjoy the process, because only in this way will the expected results arrive. ( Yanet García affirms that his physique is due to the exercise he performs )

It is worth mentioning that the publication already has more than 97 thousand likes and 370 comments, including those who praise her well-worked body, others who consider her the “best coach” in training, while, on the other hand, who attack her for considering that taking a course is not enough to be an expert in nutrition, so she would not really be qualified to give the advice she gives and even less so that in the note in the magazine it says that she studies said career.


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