In a single move, Russian club ready for Cristiano Ronaldo and revenge on Lionel Messi

The tide is not really good for Cristiano Ronaldo. Inclined to leave Manchester United, the Portuguese star digs club after club, trying to get a spot on a team that will play in the next Champions League. It’s not working out, because he’s already received “no” from PSG, Bayern, Barcelona… No wonder, he was trolled by Spartak Moscow, Russia’s Serie A team.

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Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are Friends –  Photo: reproductionMessi and Cristiano Ronaldo are Friends – Photo: Reproduction

The Russian club simulated a “leaked” message on Twitter, in which it would have received a poll from the Portuguese star.

“Hello Spartak”, read Cristiano Ronaldo’s message, followed by a curt “no”, in line with what other Europeans have been doing in response. In the image caption, Spartak still writes: “Pain again. But not for us this time.”

In 2021, when Messi left Barcelona, ​​several clubs tried to sign the Argentine player. So, taking advantage of the tide, Spartak played the joke for the first time. However, unlike the joke with Cristiano Ronaldo, it is the Russian club that sends a “Hi” to Messi and receives a “No” in response.

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