In a Sports Suit, Kimberly Flores Steals the Eyes on Social Networks

The model showed that although the new year is near, she does not miss the opportunity to exercise, and she stole hearts with the sports outfit that she wore in networks

Kimberly Flores stopped everyone’s gaze when posing on Instagram by showing off the sports outfit with which she went out to exercise.

The influencer Kimberly Flores became known to internet users with her publications with which she gives fitness advice, and for the beauty that always stands out in each of her photographs.

Showing that even close to the new year it is important for her to continue working on her enviable figure, the model posed for an Instagram photo after going for a run, which made her followers sigh.

In a sports outfit camouflaged in a very vibrant pink color, Kimberly Flores took the opportunity to interact with her wide audience, asking about her New Year’s resolutions.

The way the leggings hugged the model’s legs very tightly made the model steal the hearts of several.

The set consists of leggings and a pink crop top, with a black jacket on top to protect from the cold of the last days of December.

The Guatemalan woman accompanied him with black sports shoes and a cap of the same color from which her long dark hair came out in a ponytail, very comfortable to go out to exercise, without losing her poise and good looks.

“What is your New Year’s resolution? I read them, ” Kimberly Flores asked her millions of followers.


In the comments, while some answered the question, a great majority took the time to praise the good physical appearance of the influencer, commenting on how beautiful she looks with emojis and short messages.

“Beautiful”, “Divine”, “How beautiful!”, “Great body”, was the way that the followers of Kimberly Reyes described the way she looks in the photograph.

“See me just like you”, “That you answer my messages,” wrote some of those who did answer the model’s question.

Kimberly Flores, who had uploaded the same photo to her stories, now asking about her wishes for the end of the year, also received many messages from fans, to whom she responded in later stories, even giving advice to some of them to achieve their goals.

So far, about an hour after the photo was published, it has already reached almost 11 thousand ‘likes’ on Instagram, with more than 120 comments and increasing.

In past publications, Kimberly Flores boasted the Christmas she spent in the company of her husband, Edwin Luna, who is the leader of the group La Trakalosa de Monterrey, so it is expected that the new year will also be spent together in the company of their five children.

Since the couple joined, Kimberly Flores has grown in her career, since until now she makes her own songs, while she continues to delight her followers on social networks, which are increasing each time.

Currently, the Guatemalan model has just over 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone, who are there to ‘like’ the publications with which she always steals everyone’s eyes.

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