In a Tiny Bikini, Kimberly Flores Exposes Her Side Curves

Looking better than ever, the beautiful Guatemalan model dazzled everyone in the nets with her dreamy body to wear a small swimsuit that framed her charms very well

The famous fitness model, Kimberly Flores surprised her admirers after posting a striking photograph on her social networks, with which she entertained the pupils of millions of Internet users by showing off the results of her exercise routines with a small swimsuit that frames her. perfection each of its curves.

Since the beginning of her career as an influencer, the beautiful Guatemalan has been known for pampering her loyal fans with all kinds of content on their digital platforms, as one of her favorite tasks is to entertain them with fun and attractive material like the one she has been uploading. Recently.

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A couple of hours ago, the beautiful YouTuber shared an image through the stories of her personal account on the little camera’s social network, which was taken the same day as the recordings of the music video for “A lo mejor soy”, the most recent single by Edwin Luna and La Trakalosa de Monterrey in collaboration with Landy Carreon. 

It is worth mentioning that Kimberly Flores was also part of the clip since she appeared in a large portion of the song and even participated with some expressions that were included in the melody, however, she received some criticism from her detractors in the comment box for her participation in the music video.

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In this recording, the interpreter of “Better I stay alone” wore three types of beach outfits that made her amazing body stand out wonderfully, but the one that she showed this time in her nets was the one that consisted of a small two-piece swimsuit. Pieces in black which I accompany with a translucent neon green beach skirt.

The popular 32-year-old model a few days ago posted a photo next to her husband, in which they can be seen on the shore of the beach, modeling a daring white embroidered swimsuit while he wore a colorful one. shirt and jeans with a perfect tan.

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