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On her Instagram account, Irina Shayk posted a new carousel on which she appears, more attractive than ever in a transparent skirt.

It is (very) hot on this tennis court. Yesterday, Irina Shayk posted a new series of summer-smelling photos on her Instagram account. Perched on stiletto heels, she has adopted tenniscore and dazzles us. Zoom in on her bold look.

Irina Shayk in stilettos and transparent skirt, she ignites the tennis court

The Russian model strikes a pose on the clay court in a monochrome yellow look. Dressed in a yellow V-neck tank top that she paired with matching ultra-short shorts, Irina layered a totally transparent mini-skirt, which leaves no room for imagination. She completes her look with totally unexpected accessories on a tennis court: a pair of stockings and heels. His accessories? A handful of Wilson tennis balls and a black studded handbag.

The most beautiful looks of Irina Shayk

Lately, Irina Chaïkhlislamova does not miss an opportunity to reveal her most beautiful looks. She notably appeared, breathtaking in a sexy dress and exposed chest. It was on the occasion of the birthday party of the Italian stylist Ricardo Tisci, in Naples, that the model caused a sensation. She unveiled herself in a white satin dress, as sexy as it was elegant, revealing her slender legs. The bardot collar of the dress sublimated her neckline. She accessorized her look with a pair of cowboy boots and arrow-shaped earrings.

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