In addition to Scarlett Johansson, who has received a double nomination at the Oscars?

As every year for nearly a century, the revelation of the nominees for the Oscar left several issues to explore. Some examples for this new edition, are the absence of women and african americans in the most important categories, meaning that Netflix will be the study with the most nominations, why Joker you should or should not win the golden statuette?, and many more topics of considerable interest.

Already quite deep in the topic, we also realized that a name very dear is repeated a couple times out there, and in two categories quite heavy. A name that endorses an actress whose dynamism has made it to be part of a huge repertoire of films that span different genres and cinematic styles: Scarlett Johansson.

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The nominations for the Oscars 2020 were included in the categories of Best Actress for Marriage Story and Best supporting Actress in Jojo Rabbit. This became the twelfth person in history to achieve a double nomination in the same delivery, the first to do so since 12 years ago and the fifth in his first two Oscar nominations, are due to a double nomination.

In Marriage Story, Scarlett Johansson portrays Nicole, a film actress who is going through difficult times in their marriage. In this film, Scarlett is thrown a big piece of paper. His performance feels real, honest and full of pain. Embodied in his character, a line of emotional changes that really make you feel for everything that is happening to the character.

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In Jojo Rabbit, Scarlett takes on the role of supporting actress to give life to Rosie Betzler, a mother who secretly hides a jew in their home during Nazi Germany. Here also we see them throwing an acting high school spectacular. Of truth is not favoritism, its name should be in the nominations twice.

With this, Scarlett Johansson managed only 11 people before them have achieved. Nothing wrong! But who are the actresses that have been nominated twice in the same year before it? Here we say:

Fay Bainter: in the Oscar of 1938, Fay Bainter was nominated for Best Actress for White Banners and in supporting Actress in Jezebel.

Teresa Wright: it was recognized in the category of Best Actress for playing the Mrs. Lou Gherig in The Pride of the Yankees and for Best supporting Actress in the Oscar winning film Mrs. Minniver.

Barry Fitzgerald: In the Oscar 1944, Barry Fitzgerald was nominated as best Actor and Best supporting Actor for Going My Wayas yet there were no rules that would prevent someone else to be nominated two times for the same performance.

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Jessica Lange: With a spectacular performance, Lange was nominated for Best supporting Actress for Tootsie. But incredibly, that same year had a performance even better, playing the troubled actress of the 30s, Frances Farmer in Frances. The performance received great praise, and it would likely have taken the award for Best Actress if it were not for one person: Meryl Streep. No be small thing, yes said the Oscar for Tootsie.

Sigourney Weaver: Unlike Jessica Lange, Sigourney Weaver could not be carried any statuette to your home. She was nominated for Best Actress for Gorillas in the Mist and Best supporting Actress for Working Girl.

Al Pacino: Strangely, Al Pacino didn’t win an Oscar until 1993, despite the fact that it is shoved proceedings of first level in movies such as The Godfather, Dog Day Afternoonor Serpico. It was up to her performance in Scent of a Woman (Perfume de Mujer) they finally managed to win the highest distinction. It was also nominated for Best supporting Actor for Glengarry Glen Ross.

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Emma Thompson and Holly Hunter: Here we are going to bring these two great actresses because they made history together at the awards ceremony, 1994. For the first time in the existence of the Oscar, two women were nominated at the same time for Best Actress and Best supporting Actress. Hunter took the award for Best Actress and Anna Paquin will end up stealing the second award.

Julianne Moore: Nominated for Best Actress in Far From Heaven and Best supporting Actress in The Hours, Moore chose a bad year to compete in everything. With Nicole Kidman and Catherine Zeta-Jones as their opponents really had no chance of winning. It was until twelve years later that he took the Oscar for his performance in Still Alice.

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Jamie Foxx: What of Jamie Foxx in 2005 was so good for its role in Ray, that also led him to be nominated for Best supporting Actor in Collateral, despite the fact that there was also a main actor. Despite the fact that there was never strong intentions of giving the two awards, it did manage to become the second actor to be twice nominated by his first two Oscar nominations. Scarlett Johansson is the latest to do so in the Oscar 2020.

Cate Blanchett: Between his first and second victory at the Oscars, Cate Blanchett picked up two nominations in 2008. Best Actress for The Golden Age and Best supporting Actress for I’m Not There. Despite the fact that this time there could be none, will always be remembered for their great performances.

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