In Afghanistan, a ban on showing women in TV series has been introduced

The Taliban has given television stations in Afghanistan new guidelines, including a ban on showing women in TV series, banning journalists and presenters without hats, and a ban on showing non-Sharia-compliant films, the BBC reported.

Moreover, there is no place on Afghan television for foreign films that promote foreign values. The portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad was also forbidden.

It is not specified what type of headgear is required for journalists and presenters. Journalists point out that some recommendations are unclear and can be interpreted.

Afghan television shows mainly foreign series in which female characters play the main role.

This is the first order of its kind issued by the Afghan Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Immorality. A spokesman for the ministry, Hakif Mohajir, told French news agency AFP that “these are not rules, but religious guidelines.”

Hujjatullah Mujaddedi, a member of the Afghan organization representing journalists, said in a statement that the announcement of the new guidelines was unexpected. Some of them are impractical, he added, and that if implemented, TV broadcasters could be forced to go out of business.

In September, the Taliban banned girls and young women from attending school. In turn, the new head of Kabul’s government has ordered women not to go to work if their tasks can be performed by men.

The Taliban said restrictions on working and learning women are temporary. According to the new authorities, their aim is to ensure safety in the workplace and study.

In the 1990s, when the Taliban first came to power in Afghanistan, women were immediately banned from studying and working. In 1996-2001, television, movies and other forms of entertainment were considered immoral and completely banned.

Two explosions in Shi’ite neighborhoods of Kabul. Several people died

Two explosions in Shi'ite neighborhoods of Kabul.  Several people died

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