In an Open Pose, María León Leans on the Tube and Lights Nets

With a risky camera angle, the talented singer and actress provoked intense reactions from her fans by showing her shapely silhouette in tight lycra garments.

gain, the talented singer and actress, María León surprised all users after posting an image on her Instagram profile, which caused intense reactions from her fans as she had no qualms about flaunting her beauty by showing her shapely silhouette with tight lycra garments.

In recent months, the interpreter of “Ya no quiero más” has been on everyone’s lips since she is participating in the musical “Today I can’t lift”, which was released on April 16 and where she is in charge of play the title role alongside the famous singer Yahir.

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Thanks to this, León has been invited to several television and radio programs where she has shown why she is one of the most complete artists in the world of Mexican entertainment, that is why it is not surprising that her popularity and fame are growing so dizzying on digital platforms.

As everyone knows, the former vocalist of the Playa Limbo group is usually quite active in her social networks, Instagram is special since she likes to remain in constant communication with her more than two million fans, who from time to time pamper with photographs and videos in which he shows his most seductive side as the image that will be seen later.

It was through her personal account on the little camera’s social network, where María León shared a snapshot that stole the breath of more than one, as she was seen from a risky camera angle that made her slender stand out in a spectacular way figure, which was clad in a tight black sports outfit.

In this postcard, the successful 35-year-old songwriter is in an open pose that fascinated thousands of users, as she squatted and leaned on a tube to hold herself well and not fall.

It has not been more than three hours since this photo was shared, but the publication has more than 26 thousand reactions of likes in the shape of a red heart so far, where its loyal fans also left the beautiful singer originally from Guadalajara hundreds of messages of love and support.

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