in autumn, technology selection for a nuclear power plant

The plenipotentiary took part in the debate accompanying the second reading of the draft amendment to the act on environmental procedures accompanying the construction of a nuclear power plant. It is about a draft amendment to the Water Law and some other acts, which was prepared by PiS deputies. The aim of the new regulations is to apply the current regulations, and not those from 2015, in the procedure regarding the environmental decision for a nuclear power plant.

During Wednesday’s debate, the government plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure, Piotr Naimski, said that nuclear energy is essential in the Polish situation. He pointed out that energy from renewable sources alone cannot ensure energy security for the country. He also informed that the report of Polish Nuclear Power Plants “is in principle ready to be submitted to GDOŚ”and the amendment to the regulations will allow environmental authorities to consider it on the basis of applicable regulations, and not those from a few years ago.

Naimski added that the time of proceeding with the draft amendment is not accidental, as it waited for the end of talks between Poland and the European Commission in the field of environmental proceedings. He pointed out that the regulations currently in force are accepted by the Commission and if the nuclear regulations were not updated, the company would have to prepare the entire report from scratch. “It would be a real waste of time and it is very real” – he noted.

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