In Bresciano three fascist writings on the anniversary of the March on Rome

Are the fascists gone? It seems that instead there are, proof of this are the three writings that appeared yesterday between the city and the province, on the day of the 100th anniversary of the March on Rome, a clear message of nostalgic young (or old) people, a slap in the face of our Constitution. The messages appeared in the municipalities of Castegnato, Pisogne and in the city, in the Chiesanuova district.

In Brescia the writing was made on the wall of an underpass, with the white paint edged in black: “March and not rot”, it was read (before the covering with a coat of white, by the municipal workers), with the addition of a tricolor “beam” and of the years 1922-2022. Another inscription, “1922-2022 The march continues” appeared on a banner hanging from a low wall in Castegnato. The third, another banner, hung on the railing of an overpass in Toline, a hamlet of Pisogne, said “Hello or people of heroes, hello or immortal homeland 28-10-1922 28-10-2022”. In the rest of Italy, similar episodes occurred in Rome and La Spezia.

Condemnations, and invitations not to underestimate what happened, came from many of the local politicians. The mayor of Brescia, Emilio Del Bono, who had the writing covered as soon as possible, wrote: “And then they say that there are no more fascists! I will give an indication to cancel. This inscription praising the March on Rome appeared in Chiesanuova. Brescia silver medal at the Resistance, a city hit in the heart by the Piazza della Loggia massacre will reject any neo-fascist regurgitation. History is not to be messed around with“.

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