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The Austin race of Fernando Alonso it was certainly not one of the most boring and monotonous of his long career. The two-time Alpine world champion was in fact the protagonist of a dangerous collision with Lance Stroll, ending up taking off with the front and managing to avoid a frightening crash with the side barriers of the track for sheer luck. In fact, the car fell back to the ground and then continued up to the pit lane, where it was able to rejoin the group behind the Safety Car in last position. Alonso thus put one on track memorable comeback which led him to finish the race in sixth place, before receiving the bad news of one penalty of thirty seconds for running unsafe, since it is mirror right of his car gave way as he was preparing to overtake Kevin Magnussen on the track.

The Federation accepted Haas’ protest, thus making Alonso slip out of the points zone. But the Alpine presented appeal, disputing that the driver was not exposed to any black flag with an orange circle and that the car had passed the technical checks at the end of the race, and that the timing of the Haas protest itself would have been faulty, having arrived 24 minutes later than the allowed limit . Next Thursday the admissibility of the appeal will be discussed and eventually the decision taken at the end of the Austin race will be analyzed. In the meantime, however, a background, which would have sent the Alpine into a rage and which, if proven, could have a rather important role in the trial. The well-known British journalist Joe Saward revealed it: “It was revealed to me that the Alpine would be furious because someone from the FIA ​​would have given him the okay to continue racing with the mirror unstable ”.

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