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“The stage is my office”, replied Kley Tarcitano before sharing a little about the beginning of his career. Born in Santana, north of São Paulo, the scenographer (who at 37 is one of the most sought after creative directors in his field) said that the show has always been on his mind.

“I remember that at the age of six I asked my mother to cut a cardboard box to make a stage. I looked at it and imagined a whole scenario. It was something that was inside me, even though no one in my family was working in this area”, he reveals.

When recalling his first inspirations, Kley Tarcitano said that he was always ‘crazy’ when looking at a stage structure. From a fan of the clown Bozo to the TV commercials of the 1990s, the artist knows that it was television that helped him to realize what was already inside him.

“Remember the ‘Holiday on Ice’ that was on TV in the 1990s? I looked at these productions and thought it was the most incredible thing in the world. I could see myself creating all that somehow”, explains Tarcitano, who has just finished to have its creative direction praised and recognized worldwide with Anitta’s grandiose debut at the Californian festival Coachella.

In conversation with Kley Tarcitano, creative director of Anitta and Jennifer Lopez: ” data-title=”In conversation with Kley Tarcitano, creative director of Anitta and Jennifer Lopez: – In conversation with Kley Tarcitano, creative director of Anitta and Jennifer Lopez: ” The stage is my office” – SAPO Mag”> In conversation with Kley Tarcitano, creative director of Anitta and Jennifer Lopez:

“We speak Portuguese and I feel at home with Anitta. I can’t explain it to you. I feel comfortable with everyone, but with her I’m at home. And that’s very beautiful, I like it a lot. Talking about Brazilian culture, about my country and working with people from the Brazilian team she has is very good”, he said.

When telling how he started his partnership with another star, Jennifer Lopez, Kley made a point of saying that everything JLO does today is produced by him. “For the last four years, every time you’ve seen her on stage it’s been with my design. When she does some clips, I get involved too. Even some of her ads,” he reveals.

The Brazilian, who currently lives between Los Angeles and Miami, has also worked with other music giants, such as Britney Spears, J Balvin and Maluma. He was also awarded the Live Design Achievement Awards, for producing Jennifer Lopez’s performance at the iHeart Musical Festival, and the Telly Awards for his creative signature at the Latin Grammys.

“All the Latin awards, I did it. When I started to become known in that market, they called me to create a video for JLO. I remember that I had just had knee surgery and I told my agent at the time that I needed stop for a month. Two weeks after the surgery, I got a call from one of the people working at the Latin Grammys saying that a director needed someone to design the JLO video. So I say we have to act with the heart. When you start acting with your head, it’s a problem. The head is your enemy. Never act with the head, always with the heart. And then my head said: ‘Don’t go, you need to rest. to be operated on. And my heart said: go, go! Then I listened to my heart and went to Los Angeles'”, he adds.

Always very grateful for all the people who helped him, Kley spoke with great affection of businessman Benny Medina. “It was a very ‘chemistry’ thing, you know? We looked at it and liked it. Remember that series ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’? That story is his, not Will Smith’s. At the time, he was a businessman of Will, who was in a huge debt of 100 thousand dollars. And that’s when Benny hired Smith to play him. Medina also revealed other big names, like Mariah Carey, Usher, Puff Daddy and several others”, concludes .

According to the creative director, the only difference when working with international artists is the language, due to a cultural issue. “For example, Anitta is very similar to Jennifer Lopez in many ways. They have a ‘business mind’, they want to know everything, from the scenery to the dancer’s shoes”, he explains.

Enchanted by Lisbon, this is the first time that Kley Tarcitano comes to Portugal. “What a beautiful city, isn’t it? I was impressed! Yesterday, as I was walking through the streets, I thought how beautiful this place is and how happy people were with me. They look at you, they notice you. saleswoman in a store on Avenida da Liberdade”, he said with a laugh (still remembering the fear he had about his Brazilian accent). “What a hell, right?! They understand everything about Brazil! I’m loving being here and I can’t wait to see this Sunday show happen so we can celebrate a lot. Here (in Portugal) we breathe art!”, he reinforces.

Even developing his career in the USA, where he has lived since he was 19, Kley Tarcitano also had some important works in Brazil. “I did a lot of things with Lilian Gonçalves, the queen of São Paulo nightlife. I produced the shows with her. In fact, the last one from Dercy Gonçalves was me who did it together with Lilian”, she recalls with tenderness.

Regarding the lack of public policies that strengthen art and culture in Brazil, Kley Tarcitano believes that more investment is needed in education, since he himself never had access to artistic study at school and that the incentive came from home. “That’s my thing, I managed to do it, but there are a lot of people who can’t… Because it’s necessary to stimulate. We have to encourage children to want this so that they can develop. I would like to have a free art school, with a lot, a lot of technique and a lot of culture! I know there are already some, but there could be more, like in the northeast region, for example. Because the opportunities are more with those who live in São Paulo or Rio. south and those who don’t have access to a big city need that kind of space. There are talents and geniuses hidden in every corner and they need to be discovered. I believe in that very much”, he concludes.

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