in Dead City there will be the most disgusting walkers ever!

During a recent interview granted to Collider, Eli Jorne, official showrunner of the upcoming spin-off series set in the world of The Walking Deador dead cityfocused on the pair of characters made up of Maggie and Negan, still with the face of Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morganhas unveiled other monstrous new details.

There will be the most impressive, disgusting and terrifying walkers you have ever seen in the history of the show“, Jorne said in the interview. “There are several awful walkers, but there’s a terribly awful walker coming that I wasn’t on set when he debuted, and I’m glad I wasn’tJorne also called the whole experience “magical” and added: “It will most likely make you vomit. I’d keep a bag handy while you watch it“.

The Walking Dead: Dead City is a post-apocalyptic horror series that will serve as the fourth spin-off of The Walking Dead franchise. With the returning characters of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) from the original The Walking Dead, Dead City will follow the two as they navigate a post-apocalyptic Manhattan filled with the undead wreaking havoc throughout the city. .

In the same interview, Jorne talked about how New York City will be a major “character” on the show and it will also be an integral part of the storytelling process. “A lot is situation related. This universe has never been set in just one city, as it will, and in a city like New York, in particularJorne said.Environmentally and architecturally alone, there are so many new ways we can experience survivors that you couldn’t have before“.

Dead City will also focus on the relationship survivors have with walkers and how different all of this will be in a bigger city. “In The Walking Dead you fought a lot of walkers in the woods, but there were plenty of stretches of woods where you could hike and camp. You can’t do the same thing in the cityJorne said.

While waiting to know more details about the series, we refer you to the official synopsis of Dead City. Meanwhile, Lionsgate has unveiled the release date of The Walking Dead 11 on Blu-Ray.

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