In Faenza and Ravenna a mini review dedicated to David Cronenberg by Cinemaincentro

In the year that, among other things, marked the return to directing of David Cronenberg, Cinemaincentro dedicates a mini review to the master of body horror. Taking the opportunity of the digital restoration of Videodrome, at the Cinema Italia in Faenza and at the Mariani in Ravenna, the manifesto film of Cronenberg’s first part of his career will be compared to his latest work, Crimes of the Future. The days dedicated to this event will be Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 September, with Videodrome at Mariani and Crimes of the future at Italy, and Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 October, when the 1983 film will arrive in the historic Faenza theater while the new feature film will be proposed in Ravenna.

Two films created almost forty years later but which share the main traits of Cronenberg’s classic production: illness, transformation of the body, reflection on contemporaneity, on scientific and technological progress and on the human and social consequences that derive from it. Videodrome, produced three years before the iconic La Mosca, was the film that for many defined the Canadian director’s philosophy and aesthetics and has finally benefited from a restoration curated by Arrow Films starting from the original negative, approved by the same author and distributed by the Cineteca di Bologna. In Crimes of the future, presented this year at the Cannes Film Festival, there is dystopia and evolution, there is contemporary art, there is a cast that includes Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart. A film where everything is allegory and metaphor but, at the same time, it is tangible and corporeal like flesh and blood.

More than a review, therefore, a diptych on a director who has always been innovative and atypical, who on several occasions has refused or abandoned large productions and large budgets in order to remain faithful to himself and his art. An opportunity for newbies to discover the work of David Croneberg and for fans to appreciate these two great titles in the place they belong to: the cinema. And there are two rooms made available for the occasion by the Cinemaincentro circuit.

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