In Front of the Mirror, Ana Cheri Overflows in a Lace Bodysuit

Showing more charms, the beautiful American model raised the temperature by displaying her great body with a light lace garment that moved all her fans

Ana Cheri, the American model, once again raised the temperature on digital platforms after posting a daring clip that unleashed the low passions of thousands of Internet users, since she had no qualms about displaying her striking body in front of the mirror with a light garment lace that touched his more than 12 million 500 thousand followers.

It is not surprising that the beautiful 35-year-old Californian publishes this type of content on her social networks, where she often flaunts her sweeping curves and exquisite beauty with provocative outfits that leave nothing to the imagination. like the one, you will see below.

Through a personal account on the camera’s social network, the successful influencer shared a daring video that left everyone with their mouths open, where she recorded herself a few seconds in front of her reflection in a large mirror.

As can be seen in the recording, Ana Cheri without a hint of regret showed off her statuesque figure with a tight lace bodysuit and an open white cardigan, with which she proudly exhibited the results of her training routines and they overflowed their charms due to how little the garment covered them.

It should be noted that the famous coach originally from the United States, was at the top of an apartment since behind her there is an immense red building with dozens of windows, where perhaps many curious eyes contemplated Cheri’s exquisite anatomy.

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Whoot Whoot !! Hump ​​DAY !!! Sweater weather and booty gains !! ”, was the message that the beautiful model placed to celebrate the breakthrough, which could be translated into Spanish as“ Whoot Whoot !! Bumpy Day !!! Time for sweaters and loot winnings !! ”.

This publication obviously did not go unnoticed by Internet users, who could not stop watching the video and left almost 970 thousand reproductions, in addition to filling it with thousands of comments full of compliments, compliments, and the occasional risque proposal from the passionate gentlemen.

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