in Hollywood it is the revenge of the neutral gender

Domestic environments where clothes, colors, objects, games and activities are not divided into the categories “for males” and “for females”. Also, use neutral pronouns when addressing your children. These are the non-rules of genderless families. Because being a parent means loving your children as they are without impositions and this is also the case in Hollywood where some stars have decided to share their ideas on the possible choices of their children with the public. One of Elon Musk’s sons has started the process of changing his name and gender. The US gossip site Tmz reported it yesterday. Xavier, who is 18, wants to be called Vivian Jenna Wilson, taking her mother’s surname. Official documents filed with a Los Angeles court read that the Tesla founder ‘s son started the case because of a “gender identity and the fact that I do not wish to be related to my biological father in any way or form” . And the question is rekindled.

Angelina Jolie, daughter Shiloh says goodbye to men’s clothing. The 15-year-old enchants the red carpet with her mother’s dress

Families without labels, the VIPs who raise their children without gender

Jennifer Lopez on stage at the Los Angeles Blue Diamond Gala introduced her daughter Emme Maribel Muniz, 14, using the neutral pronouns ‘them / they’, neither male nor female. from the rainbow-colored microphone she said: «The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this. Since then, I asked them (I asked “them”) to sing with me but she didn’t.

Angelina Jolie hand in hand with her daughters on the Eternals red carpet in Rome. And Shiloh (dressed as a woman) steals the show

Cher forerunner

But one of the very first to expose herself to gender neutral was Cher. The singer, now 76, married Salvatore Bono known as Sonny at 18, with whom she had a daughter, Chastity, who is now a man and has changed her name to Chaz Bono. In 2009, the artist publicly announced the transition of her son and the final decision to change sex. Her path to sexual conversion began in 2008 with hormone therapy and in May 2010 she legally changed her gender and name.

After six sons she discovers she is expecting a baby girl: the explosion of joy goes viral

Jolie and Pitt’s daughter, LGBTQ icon

Angelina Jolie was one of the first to talk about gender identity, especially in reference to his daughter or perhaps better son Shiloh. In fact, the actress said that, from an early age, the girl referred to herself with masculine adjectives and pronouns and that she, as soon as she had the chance, asked her parents to be able to cut her hair and dress with men’s clothes. “We never know our children until they decide to show us what they are. As long as he is happy, he can be whatever he wants. ” Applause!

Brad Pitt and LaJolie’s daughter came out as “gender variant” at an early age: on the red carpet she always wore men’s clothes but last year on the red carpet she wore a vintage mother’s dress. In fact, Shiloh has always been considered an LGBTQ + icon because from an early age she broke gender barriers, declaring herself gender variant: her parents have always spoken publicly about the subject, supporting and proudly supporting her even in the decision to be called John.

Elon Musk, one of the sons has started the procedure to change name and gender: Xavier (18) wants to be called Vivian

Emily Ratajkowski against gender identities

From the very first photo shoot with the baby bump on the Vogue cover, Emily Ratajkowski was clear: “We will know the sex of our son until he is 18 and he will tell us.” His statement was not a star whim: his son must be able to grow up knowing that his identity must not be conditioned by the presence of certain sexual characteristics.

India, the “pink prince” opens his palace to gays: the victory of the first maharaja to come out

Pink a star without labels

And she could not miss the a-gender Pink list, she who lives without labels, especially those relating to her own gender. Reason why the two beautiful girls of the singer can play, express themselves and dress as they want. In the first place there is the acceptance of oneself and of one’s way of being. In fact, Pink didn’t fret at all when her daughter Willow asked her to dress, exactly like her father, for a red carpet and want to marry an African woman. Indeed, as a good mother-in-law, he asked her to be able to learn some typical recipes first.

Megan Fox separates from Brian Austin Green: she will pay the alimony

The only point of agreement between Fox and the ex is the education of the children

Between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, things haven’t been going very well since they broke up, and since she’s steadfastly partnered with Machine Gun Kelly, things are even worse. But one thing brings the two parents together: how to raise their three children. No limits in clothing. In fact, the two boys, Noah and Bodhi, have been photographed around Los Angeles dressed as princesses. To those who criticized them they replied with a loud and colorful: «We don’t care. They don’t hurt anyone and if they’re happy so good for them. ”

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis: “We wash children only if needed”: social storm for the couple’s habits

In the Kutcher house, rules are forbidden

In the Kunis-Kutcher home, the only thing absolutely forbidden is profanity: both parents and the two children, Wyatt and Dimitri, cannot say it for any reason. For everything else, there is the maximum of freedom above all in the possibility of expressing oneself. For children, who are now 7 and 5, no gender labelindeed the eldest, Wyatt, has a completely neutral name.

Cynthia Nixon, “Miranda” of Sex & the City runs for governor of New York

Cynthia Nixon, from Sex and the city to motherhood

The unforgettable Miranda Hobbes of “Sex And The City”, Cynthia Nixon, proudly “shouted” to the world the choice of changing the sex of her daughter Samantha.

The actress today an activist for the LGBTQ world, unveiled on Instagram the coming out of her eldest daughter Samantha, today Samuel Joseph Mozes: I am proud of my son Samuel Joseph Mozes (named Seph) because he graduated from college this month. Greetings to him and to those who mark today’s Trans Day Action“.

Beckham, the son of David and Victoria, marries Nicola Peltz: from the guest list to the dresses

Charlize Theron and the expected respect

Charlize Theron also calls for respect for her 10-year-old transgender daughter Jackson’s gender identity. The actress wants anyone who addresses her to use the right pronouns: I feel the need, as her mother, to let the world know that I would appreciate if they used the right pronouns for herTheron said in an interview with PrideSource. As the children grow up, Charlize Theron knows it’s important to support them in any way possible. She, who is a mother of two – Jackson, 10, and August, 5 and a half, both adopted by a single mother – tries to do the best of her: the South African actress leaves them free to be whatever they want. So Jackson can wear skirts, dresses, dance tutus, and keep her hair long, just like her younger sister. He feels like a girl, she’s told him several times, and she respects her. The 46-year-old has learned that it’s important to use the right pronouns when referring to her, and she invites everyone else to do so. “My daughter’s story is truly her own story, and one day, if she wishes it, she will tell it.”

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