In hospital for headache: 15 year old dies after hospitalization

TOAST – Mourning and pain in the city. In the past few hours at the Perrino hospital in Brindisi a 15-year-old girl from Brindisi died: she had arrived in the emergency room with a headache. At the moment it is not clear what happened, in all likelihood some answers will come from the autopsy exam. What is certain is that a family has fallen into a nightmare within a few hours. This is the second similar case in 20 days: on 10 October a 14-year-old died of myocarditis at Perrino.

Pain and anger for a completely unexpected death. “It shouldn’t have been like this, life is unfair, rest in peace baby” writes on Facebook a friend of the 15-year-old’s family. “An indescribable pain, you can not”. She reads in another post. Even her mother has entrusted her cry of pain to her Social Network: “I promise you with all my strength, you will have justice, my little one.”

All still to be clarified, to be verified, to be ascertained. The ASL at the moment has not issued official versions on the affair but yesterday evening a patrol of the flying section of the Brindisi police station called by family members immediately after death went to the place.

From what was reconstructed, the girl would have been taken to hospital on 20 October with severe headaches but discharged a few hours later. Subsequently she returned to the Perrino emergency room with persistent pain, followed by hospitalization in Pediatrics, then the transfer to Neurosurgery where she underwent surgery and then to Intensive Care where she died 48 hours later. The policemen listened to the parents and confiscated the medical records, the body is available to the judiciary for the autopsy.

Update at 12.01 (police intervention in hospital)

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