In Iraq, environmentalists are swimming against the tide

From the north to the south of Iraq, ecological awareness is gradually awakening in the face of environmental damage that has become difficult to ignore. But activists still feel very alone in their struggle to convince a population of more than 40 million to change their habits and the authorities to act. The priority of their battles: saving water resources, in a country where reserves are beginning to run out.

From our correspondents in Baghdad and Erbil,

He ventures into the most polluted places of Iraqi Kurdistan with only a neck gaiter over his nose to endure the nauseating odors. Nabil Musa is a climate activist. It is one of the few in the region. For fifteen years, with a handful of other “ Waterkeeper ”, understand “ water guardians », he sets out to try to save the environment of the Iraqi Kurdish mountains. These same mountains which have seen wars follow each other for decades. With the fight against the Islamic State caliphate as the freshest memory, the priorities of the Kurdish authorities have so far not been geared towards environmental protection. So Nabil Musa acts as best he can.

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The first beginnings ofclimate activism in Iraqi Kurdistan

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