In Italy, the outfits of Bianca Cesori, the wife of Kanye West, are controversial

The weeks pass and Bianca Cesori And Kanye West continue to talk about him. Today we learn that the young woman is controversial in Italy because of her tenaked.

Many Italian citizens demand that Cesori be arrested

Since her ultra-publicized divorce from Kim Kardashian in 2021, Kanye West has found himself at the heart of many controversies, because of his misogynistic and sexist statements. While it is rumored that the Atlanta native is working on his next album, it was recently announced that Ye’s account on X (formerly Twitter) has been reinstated. For several months, the forty-six-year-old man has been married to Yeezy creative director Bianca Cesori.

After celebrating their union, the two celebrities traveled to Italy. We were thus able to see the Chicago artist during the Travis Scott concert at the Circus Maximus in Rome. It is in this context that the American press tells us that the outfits of Bianca Cesori would provoke the anger of many citizens in Italy. Several people would have asked the police to arrest the young woman, on the pretext that the latter was wearing transparent outfits. It is thus asked to challenge the stylist to ” public indecent exposure. ยป

Since this announcement, neither Kanye West nor Bianca Cesori have reacted for the moment.

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