in July 2.26 degrees above the average-

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Data from the Institute of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences: +0.98 ° C in the first seven months. The danger of storms and floods in the fall due to the much warmer than normal seas

If there is no trend reversal, 2022 will be the hottest year ever in Italy, at least since the year 1800, that is, since the data was collected. The Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the National Research Council (Isac-Cnr) announced that the month of July just ended recorded an average temperature of 2.26 degrees above the average for the reference period ( 1991-2020), bringing the first seven months of 2022 to +0.98 degrees. “If 2022 ended now it would be the hottest year ever,” commented Michele Brunetti, research manager of Isac-Cnr. “There are still five months and things could change.” But now the danger is very strong storms with possible flooding that could occur in the autumn, when the perturbations will pass over the very hot Mediterranean: temperatures of 30 degrees of surface water have now been recorded.


This year July is second in the ranking of the hottest July months ever, behind 2003. The same goes for the months of May and June. Leading the ranking of the hottest years in Italy is 2018, with an anomaly of +1.58 degrees above the reference average.


But not only is 2022 the hottest ever so far, it’s also the driest. Precipitation was almost halved (-46% of cumulated precipitation) compared to the average of the reference thirty years (1991-2020). The greatest reduction (52%) occurred in the North, slightly lower in the Center-South with -42% compared to the average accumulations. Leading the ranking of the driest years so far is 2017, but the first seven months of 2022 have so far recorded even lower figures.

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