In Lublin, they felt relieved, and in Suwałki they felt unsatisfied

LUK Lublin returns to the winning path. In Monday’s match, the players of Dariusz Daszkiewicz defeated MKS Ślepsk Malow Suwałki 3: 1. The guests have the right to feel unsatisfied after this meeting, as they had moments when they presented themselves really well.

David Franek

David Franek

LUK Lublin volleyball players

WP SportoweFakty / Paweł Piotrowski / In the photo: LUK Lublin volleyball players

LUK Lublin volleyball players in the last four matches always left the field defeated. Monday’s match with Ślepsk Malow Suwałki, the penultimate in the PlusLiga table, seemed to be the perfect match to break the losing streak. Everything started as planned. The hosts of the game quickly took the lead in the first set (7: 2). They did not give up their solid advantage to the very end.

The inhabitants of Suwałki made many mistakes. Virtually every element of the game looked bad in the ranks of this team. The players from Lublin, on the other hand, were highly motivated. They won deservedly in the first game (25:16). The stats in attack on the wings talked a lot about Ślepska’s stance. In this aspect, the visitors only scored 4 points out of 22 attacks.

The second set started with a slight advantage of the volleyball players from Lublin, but suddenly in the game of Dariusz Daszkiewicz’s players everything went wrong. It was sensed by Ślepsk players who played as if they had completely forgotten about the fatal first game. The perfect cooperation between the players in defense was especially impressive. The attack adjusted to the level of the game in defense and Ślepsk took the lead (7: 6). The penultimate team in the league table began to play concerts and did not give the hosts a chance, winning the second game 25:18.

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LUK Lublin looked like a team that had received a major blow. After the first knockout it was hard to get up, and Ślepsk was not going to slow down. He opened the third batch brilliantly, leading 7: 4. The hosts gradually began to recover. This was helped by a strong play by Grzegorz Pajak, who slightly redeemed himself for the poor game in the earlier set.

At the end of the third installment, LUK brought about an equalization (20:20). From that moment on, the charges of Dariusz Daszkiewicz caught the wind in their sails and this time they presented a spectacular defense game. They won 25:22, and in the last action Jan Nowakowski showed off his block.

In the fourth game, LUK remained on the right track. The hosts often played in the middle and that was a way to score a lot of points. The host, Wojciech Włodarczyk, who continued the team’s game for most of the match, also made great decisions at the end of the action. Despite the fight, the guests made too many mistakes in the fourth set, which resulted in their defeat by 25:21. As a result, Ślepsk returns from Lublin without any points. Grzegorz Pająk was chosen MVP of the match.

LUK Lublin – MKS Ślepsk Malow Suwałki 3: 1 (25:16, 18:25, 25:22, 25:21)

BOW: Pająk, Filipiak, Włodarczyk, Wachnik, Stajer, Nowakowski, Watten (libero) and Gniecki, Peszko, Romać, Gregorowicz (libero)
Ślepsk: Tuaniga, Boładź, Halaba, Buchowski, Takvam, Sapiński, Czunkiewicz (libero) and Łukasik, Makowski, Ziobrowski, Smoliński, Rudzewicz

MVP: Grzegorz Pająk

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