In Netflix Wednesday there is a familiar face of Death Stranding

TV series fans have probably already noticed that the series has been available in the Netflix catalog for a few days Wednesdaydedicated to the famous character of the Addams family and also produced by Tim Burton: on our sister site No Spoilers find the full review, while on here we focus on a small gem dedicated to gamers.

In fact, some of you may have noticed a familiar face among the recurring characters of Wednesday. The thing, needless to say, obviously did not escape Hideo Kojima, who did not fail to point out that the character of the Mayor Noble Walker is played by Tommie Earl Jenkins.

If you are not familiar with the artist name but you are done Death Strandingyou will undoubtedly remember his face (with and without a mask): it is in fact the actor who played the role of Die-Hardman.

Tommie Earl Jenkins is Die-Hardman in Death Stranding

Obviously we will not spoil the game here, but precisely by virtue of how he acted a particular scene within the title, Jenkins has received huge hype within the community of Death Strandingto the point that some – however happy for Mads Mikkelsen’s victory – wondered how it was possible not to nominate him at The Game Awards 2019 for Best Performance of the Year.

The actor himself joyfully shared a snap from Wednesday who sees him in the role of his character, making it known that he is particularly impressed by the many messages of affection he has received from fans, who have also noticed him immediately in the series.

Hideo Kojima has shared his message, quoting him just like “mayor” – his role in Wednesday – and showing him his affection.

Speaking of video games from Kojima Productions and the actors who work on them, we remind you that the teasers of the game director recently confirmed to us that Elle Fanning it will be present in the next project.

Some leaks suggest the return of Margaret Qualley (Mama in Death Stranding) perhaps in another, but we are waiting for the software house to say something about it.

Death Stranding is available with his Director’s Cut and you can play it on PS4, PS5 and PC (find it on Amazon). Originally released in 2019, the game places you as Sam Porter Bridgesa courier in a post-apocalyptic world where people can’t leave their houses because the world of the living and the world of the dead have mixed.

In a succession of symbolisms, Sam’s journey will lead him to try to reconnect what had been his nation, leading him to collaborate in an asynchronous online with other players who will be able to help him without asking for anything in return. And, at the same time, making the players wonder about the meaning we attribute to the closeness of other human beings, to what we give to the concept of “State” and suicide as the responsibility of society as a whole. You can learn more, without spoilers, in our video review.

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