in New York too, the stars demonstrate

Since the union SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) called on small and big screen professionals to strike on July 14, the demonstrations have not weakened. After Los Angeles, the movement continues in New York.

On July 25, a rally called “Rock the City for a Fair Contract” was organized in Times Square. In front of the crowd of activists several celebrities took the floor, starting with Bryan Cranston.

As “Variety” reports, the “Breaking Bad” star gave an engaging speech. “We will not accept that you (CEO of Disney, which broadcasts the “Breaking Bad” series on Disney +, Editor’s note) deprive us of our right to work and earn a decent living. Finally, and most importantly, we will not let you deprive us of our dignity! We are a united union to the end,” he said.

Christine Baranski again presents

After demonstrating on July 20 in Los Angeles, Christine Baranski made the trip to the Big Apple. The star of “Mamma Mia” did not fail to affirm her determination by raising her fists when she spoke. At the end of her speech, she was able to count on the support of Jessica Chastain, seated next to her.

In their speech, the actors and screenwriters demand on the one hand a revaluation of their …

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