in october proclamation of 20 new doctors in medicine and surgery – vivienna

After the first graduates in the health sector, the Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, decentralized in Enna, has issued the first academic degrees of Doctor of Medicine.
At this point it remains to be seen whether these new doctors will be able to exercise the related profession in Italy, as can be seen certainly yes.
We talk about it with Massimo Greco.

The green light for some health professions has now been the turn of the doctors …
The academic cycle of doctors was obviously longer but now medical graduates will be obtained every year.
Has the old knot of ministerial recognition been overcome?
No, the Ministry of Health remains the competent institution to recognize the academic qualification issued by foreign countries and to authorize the practice of the profession of surgeon in Italy.
So the automatic recognition provided for by the European directives does not operate?
Of course it works, even if the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed greatly to de-bureaucratizing this fulfillment.
What do you mean?
The pandemic has put a lot of strain on health systems in several EU Member States, requiring a more coordinated approach to cross-border healthcare. In this context, the European Commission in March 2020 issued some indications on the methods of automatic recognition of medical and health professions.
What does it say specifically?
It contextualizes the European directive of 2005 by calling on member states to adopt a more liberal approach in the treatment of healthcare professionals arriving from another country for the purpose of providing services or establishing establishment. The host Member State may, for example, exempt from the requirement of a declaration or prior check of qualifications, apply shorter deadlines for processing applications, request fewer documents than usual, without certified translations, or not require a compensatory measure if it considers that there is no serious risk to patient safety.
And is the Italian state doing this?
Exactly, the Ministry of Health is currently recognizing the academic qualifications also issued by the Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, authorizing the exercise of the related profession upon registration in the reference order.

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