in Ostia the shock party in the square with fireworks

The square celebrates, the boss is free again. Fireworks in Ostia to “celebrate” the release from prison of Roberto Spada, the regent of the clan according to the prosecutors and that of the famous newspaper against the journalist Daniele Piervincenzi, who last Friday left the Tolmezzo prison where he had been locked up also following the violent gesture that made the rounds of TV and the web. “Discharged for expiation of the sentence” is the official motivation even if other judicial proceedings are in place for him, for which it will be necessary to await the judgment of the Supreme Court.

In the meantime, although the Spada family was recognized as a “mafia” by the Supreme Court, the one who was considered by prosecutors to be the regent of the Sinti clan, given that the leader “Romoletto” was in prison, has returned to being a free man. Free to wander through the streets of Ostia, where he would have been spotted in his district-fiefdom of Ponente. And on Sunday afternoon, just to celebrate the return of the boss, fireworks were exploded in Piazza Gasparri.

The story

From the maximum security prison of Tolmezzo to strolls through the streets of Ostia, in a short time. Roberto Spada arrived at the prison in the province of Udine on 9 November 2017 – transferred from Regina Coeli – after attacking the journalist of the Rai program “Nemo-Nobody Excluded”, Daniele Piervincenzi and the filmmaker Edoardo Anselmi in Ostia. A newspaper shot “live” by the cameras and that has made the rounds of social media in a short time. It happened in the middle of the electoral campaign and the debate heated up on CasaPound and on relations with the clans. The attack took place in front of the boxing gym managed by the member of the Sinti family. Investigated for the crimes of personal injury and violence aggravated by futile motives and the mafia method, Spada was imprisoned in the “high security 3” section. Circuit to which, among others, prisoners for mafia association or for crimes aggravated by the mafia method or for association aimed at illicit drug trafficking are assigned. During an interview, Spada had hit the reporter with a head and then chased him holding an iron bar with which he also hit the operator.

The transfer

The Regina Coeli prison, where he was detained after his arrest, was not suitable for Spada’s detention. Hence the transfer to the “high security 3” section of the Tolmezzo prison, made necessary for a question of “environmental incompatibility” given the caliber and criminal history of the subject. But since Friday Spada is a free man. And so the square wanted to celebrate it.


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