In PC Gaming, a Show that explores alternative I3 Year 2020 • will Walk you through.en

All this for the Gaming PC’s Show they are looking for alternatives that can help you to present the most recent developments in the world of video games for the PC.

O anncio oficial on your the cancellation of the E3 2020 this means, for the most part, that the will to stay awake at wee hours to attend the conference, but E3 in 2020 a lot more than this, especially for studios and publishers looking to close the business, or to promote lanamentos.

In response to the anncio, companies such as the Xbox and the Game they announced the event online, transmisses that serviro to reveal all the new goodies that we have prepared for the E3 the year 2020.

Now, it’s just the this PC Game Show you confirm that you are investigating ways to submit your event, even with a I3 2020 cancelled.

“Taking into account the cancellation of the E3 that was announced by the ESA, we are investigating a number of possibilities for this in the PC Gaming Show of the year. very encouraging to see that Microsoft and electronic arts are also exploring how to will present a conference similar to the ausncia of a show japanese in Los Angeles.”

The organization of PC Gaming, the Show reveals, you will continue to be a venue for large presentations, in which the studios and publishers to reveal new exciting.

“The role of the PC is the Gaming Show to deliver an exciting and new information about the platform we love, and in the face of a ausncia de is a show of traditional, you know that there is a lot to talk about, write about and lead to vdeos. We will share more about our plans in the prximas weeks.”

Then from the top to the Direct, and Sports Direct will be what we will have in the PC Gaming Direct?

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