In Portugal, new sanitary restrictions, schools closed. In the Czech Republic, tests for all students

According to the new assumptions, the activities of the schools will probably resume on January 10. The decision on whether to change this date should be made by the government of Prime Minister Antonio Costa by Thursday.

Since Monday, most officials in public institutions have been carrying out teleworking tasks. This situation applies to people who do not have direct contact with applicants.

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Portugal. Need certificates confirming vaccination

The new rules oblige Portuguese residents to have certificates confirming vaccination against COVID-19 if they wish to go to a dining establishment or stay in a hotel. This requirement also applies to people visiting cultural institutions.

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In turn, Portuguese medical services require an important test for COVID-19 in the case of people visiting patients in hospitals or inmates of nursing homes. This document must also be in possession of participants of parties organized by companies, as well as weddings and baptisms.

The Portuguese government justifies the introduction of new restrictions with the need to limit social contacts due to the still high level of coronavirus infections. On Sunday, their daily number reached 11,000.

Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska“We will smoothly transition from the fourth wave to the fifth.” New omicron data

Czech Republic. Students and teachers must be tested for Covid-19 twice a week

In the Czech Republic, all students, as well as teachers and other school staff, have to do coronavirus tests twice a week from Monday. The obligation also applies to people vaccinated against Covid-19 and convalescents.

Antigen tests will be performed twice a week for the next 14 days. The goal is to diagnose the Omikron coronavirus variant early.

If any of the students or staff do not wish to be tested, they must wear FFP2 face masks at all times in school. Younger children may wear lighter surgical masks or cotton masks. Students who refuse the tests or whose parents do not agree to the test are not allowed to participate in singing and physical education classes. Refusal to test and protect the nose and mouth means that you will not be able to attend school.

In line with earlier decisions of the government of Prime Minister Petr Fiali, eased anti-epidemic restrictions are in force in the Czech Republic from midnight on Monday. The number of people who can sit side by side in a restaurant instead of living together has been increased from four to six. There may be 100 people in non-seated premises, such as clubs, bars and discos, instead of the current 50. There is no time limit for restaurants or bars to operate. Entering restaurants still requires a vaccination certificate or a certificate of Covid-19 disease.

Marcin Zatyka from Lisbon, Piotr Górecki from Prague (PAP)

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