In Rainbow Six: Siege will add operatives from Peru, Mexico, Kenya and India

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At Six Invitational, 2019 showed a road map of Rainbow Six: Siege in the fourth year — what they will add to the game (operatives, maps) and what they will change. The first stop is the season of Burnt Horizon with Australian fighters, about whom Ubisoft has already told.

The second season – operatives from Denmark and the US Secret Service, and instead of a new map, the developers remake the Cafe. The third – fighters from Peru and Mexico, plus the update Channel. Probably, this season will be associated with the fight against cartels.

In the fourth season will add operatives from Kenya and India. This is an unusual combination, so it will be difficult to guess the topic. And again without a new map – Park will be redone instead. In addition to this, several fighters will also be processed: Lion, Glaz, Capitao and Dokkaebi.

This year, the ranking games will be fully launched – they will be released from beta testing. They added the ability to ban operatives, and the minimum required level increased from 20th to 30th.

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