In Rome, houses cost more than in 2021

In Rome, houses cost more than in 2021. The 1.5% increase in prices per square meter (from 3,280 to 3,330) is certified by the report produced by, presented on 4 October during a conference organized by Aspesi Rome with Intesa San Paolo Casa. And in the Eternal City, those looking for an apartment do so especially in the Villa Pamphili area.

The brick market in Rome, therefore, becomes a little more difficult for those who do not have unlimited resources. If on the one hand the demand for houses is struggling, on the other the stock of properties available is strongly decreasing: -22% compared to the second quarter of 2021, given that it is interpreted as a renewed interest in investing.

It is also interesting to find out where potential buyers go to look for more home. In fact, according to the report, the most attentive districts are those to the west, inside the ring road and in the hinterland to the south. Demand for the Baldo degli Ubaldi area grew by 27.5%, and demand for Casetta Mattei by 18.4%. Let’s talk about the area close to Villa Pamphhilj therefore, not far from San Pietro.

On the other hand, demand collapses in northern Rome, where Ponte Milvio and its surroundings loses 21% in one year. As for the ‘new’ market, in the second quarter of 2022 new buildings represent only 8% of the total supply of the capital. In the Eternal City, a newly built house costs an average of 500 euros per square meter more than one that is dated or in any case not renovated.

“The theme of the ‘new’ versus the ‘old’ in real estate will become increasingly important in association with the discourse of energy saving – underlines Carlo Giordano, Board Member of -. In fact, new buildings are generally ‘green’, for high energy efficiency, and never before has the possibility of saving on electricity and gas bills been such a central issue in the Italian debate “.

For Paolo Buzzetti, president of Aspesi Roma, “the Report shows that the demand for new homes or deeply restored buildings is growing and exceeding the offer also to meet the new needs of sustainability and quality of life. At a national level, an adaptation is urgently needed. of the urban planning law of ’42 – which was envisaged only for expansion – and the modification of urban planning standards. It would be useful to create a ministry for urban areas to group the skills dispersed in too many ministries “.

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