In science and technology, Millais integrates castes

La Libertad Avanza's National Presidential Candidate, Javier Millay, campaigning at the closing ceremony.  (Photo: Franco Fafasuri)
La Libertad Avanza’s National Presidential Candidate, Javier Millay, campaigning at the closing ceremony. (Photo: Franco Fafasuri)

main Javier MillaisIn his position as presidential candidate, he has raised a great deal of concern in a very important area of ​​Argentine businessmen, especially small and medium-sized businessmen in rural and urban areas. Based on an apparent vast lack of information, he claimed to shut down his CONICET if elected president.

Or you are a fellow countryman who applies the knowledge and skills generated by the scientists and engineers of that organization in our laboratories, factories, workshops and factories to enable our enterprise to transform. Are you not interested in continuing our role as creators of wealth through work? Develop new products and services and compete in domestic and international markets. Or are you more worried about I intend to destroy this institution in order to condemn Argentina definitively. To be a supplier of raw materials processed in the Northern Hemisphere without adding value by workers who absorb the inventions and techniques of scientists and engineers.

Although our country is the eighth largest country in the world, only 30% of our land has sufficient water for cultivation. Our countryside can expand its arable land if it masters technology, making Argentina a supplier of 40% of the world’s protein. Sector and industry technologies can be leveraged to add additional value to these proteins. To take center stage in the global economy, we must continue to develop and innovate Because in the next 30 to 50 years, only 25% of our food will come from the land alone, and the remaining 75% will come from those lands plus technology.

Without the science and technology developed with state and local support, our companies are doomed.Because of the profitability of our businesses, which account for more than 80% of the registered private employment in this country, we build laboratories where scientists and engineers can create, innovate and produce new knowledge. Because you can’t.

National Science and Technology Research Council.
National Science and Technology Research Council.

main Miley Apparently he doesn’t know that the board of directors headed by CONICET consists of eight members. 4 scientists selected by their peers from 4 major fields of knowledge and 4 representatives from each sector of society: 1 from 24 states, 1 from public and private management colleges and 1 from by industry associations (suggested by UIA, CGI, CAME, etc.) and agricultural stakeholders (SRA, FAA, CRA, CONINAGRO), and I occupy the space proposed by the Argentine Rural Association. Javier Millais reminds us that our country’s first Nobel Prize in Medicine, Dr. Bernardo Husay, was the founder and first president of CONICET, and that he did it at a time when there were few defined politicians. I don’t know if you know.They relied on their wisdom and experience on the importance of science as a tool for national development.. Sixty-five years after the many remarkable achievements of Argentine science, and as this candidate proves, he is fortunate to have it, even though some politicians still do not understand it. Few doubt.

Candidate Millay said on Marcelo Bonelli’s program: radio miter August 19, 2023 Argentinian researchers claim to be all “criminals”, but it is these “criminals” that Bioceles calls the CONICET researchers who have shown sunflower tolerance to drought and salinity. I didn’t know that they were the ones who discovered the gene that gives to the well-known HB4 and HB11 applied to wheat and soybean seeds, They have caused a true “productivity revolution” in Argentina’s agriculture, making it possible to bring these crops into areas previously unthinkable for planting. In order to provide Mr. Millais with information, we provide him with the company’s web address ( This company is one of his innumerable companies that have received the transfer of technology developed in laboratories and research institutes. , universities and other places where Argentinian scientific researchers and engineers work. I will tell Millay that this company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

This is not the only case. Apollo Biotech ( is a technology-based company founded by CONICET researchers to create technologies that will revolutionize the way crops are managed in agriculture. This technology is based on RNA molecules and produces memory and response abilities in plants without producing GMOs (genetically modified organisms). They are based on biochemical compounds with very low environmental and food impact. These are molecules that break down harmlessly in the environment. A new sustainable green revolution at the door, born within the CONICET laboratory.

A few days ago, GALTEC, our newest technology-based company (EBT), was announced. GALTEC is nurtured in his CONICET laboratory, and its products promise to revolutionize technology to fight cancer, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory diseases. Another of the 55 technology-based companies born at our institute, most of which are shared with public and private universities in Argentina. In 2022, CONICET billed 1,285 SMEs and performed over 15,000 Advanced Technology Services (STAN).

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Candidates would not have been able to see Vaca Muerta without Y-Tec, the mega-laboratory established around La Plata by CONICET and YPF to provide technical support for the complex production processes taking place in its hydrocarbon basin. Did you know it didn’t exist? You probably also don’t know that they stopped exporting minerals to get added value in North Korea’s industrial powerhouse, because all the technology to make lithium batteries was developed there.

Indeed, even Lic. Milei is unaware that CONICET integrates and directs food safety networks ( in collaboration with INTA, INTI, CNEA and universities to provide scientific assistance to organizations, companies and third countries on the safety of food produced in our country as required by the World Trade Organization. In recent years, the network has produced more than 50 technical and scientific reports from about 50 groups of over 400 researchers and experts.

Some social scientists argue that one of Millais’ communicative successes was waging a real crusade against political “castes.” The Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary defines one of the five meanings given to the word casta as follows: In some societies, a group that forms a special class and tends to remain separated from others by race, religion, etc. ” Well, you can also say that you are one of the characters in . political caste It is the unknowing narration, control and guidance of a phenomenon. So, Mr. Millais, I regret to inform you that you have just entered a “special class” of science and technology that unwittingly tries to think and drive objects. It means you are also of political caste.

I am an agricultural and industrial producer, teacher, university president and civil servant of CONICET (Adonorem) and I would like to explain all these situations. Why are you making the grave mistake of saying that CONICET must be closed, that scientific research in Argentina is not productive, that Argentinian researchers are criminals, etc. without even knowing what you are saying? did he commit If you wish, we will be waiting for you at CONICET on a day when our busy schedule allows. It is very helpful to have a thorough understanding of the country or state you are trying to govern.

*The author is a board member of CONICET representing the agricultural sector. Vice Chancellor of Austral Chaco National University – UNCAUS and former Minister of Education, Science and Technology.

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