In Sicily 4.6 million at the polls, how to vote and how the seats are distributed in the ARS

More than four and a half million are called to the polls to choose the new president of the Region, renew the members of the ARS and then, nationally, vote for the new Parliament. In detail, these are 4,606,564 citizens: 2,237,169 males and 2,369,395 females. While the open sections are 5,294 throughout the island.

The polls will open only tomorrow (Sunday 25 September) from 7 to 23. At the close of the voting operations, the ballot of the votes for the Chamber of Deputies and Senate will begin, the one relating to the regional vote, however, will begin the following day: Monday 26 September starting at 2 pm. The electoral system provides only one round with mixed method, without ballot.

How to vote

The ballot is unique, but the voter has two votes: one vote for the choice of the regional list, whose leader is a candidate for the office of President of the Region; one vote for the choice of the provincial list and in this case preference can be expressed for one of the candidates for the office of regional deputy. In the event that no vote is cast for one of the regional lists, the validly expressed vote for a provincial list is automatically extended to the linked regional list as well.

The possibility of expressing a separate vote. The voter can vote for a regional list and a provincial list that are not connected to each other. So it is technically possible to express a preference for an ARS deputy and a preference for a candidate for the presidency of the Region belonging to a different political spectrum.

How are the seats divided up for Ars

The following distribution is adopted for the election of the 70 deputies of the Sicilian Regional Assembly:

  • 62 seats are assigned with the pure proportional system and a 5 percent barrier at regional level (16 in Palermo, 13 in Catania, 8 in Messina, 6 in Agrigento, 5 in Syracuse and Trapani, 4 in Ragusa, 3 in Caltanissetta and 2 in Enna);
  • 1 seat belongs to the candidate for the presidency of the Region elected;
  • 6 seats are assigned within the regional list of the presidential candidate (so-called list). In essence, it is a blocked list that functions as a majority prize and allows the coalition linked to the elected president of the Region to obtain a maximum of 42 seats in the ARS. The seats not used for this purpose are distributed, on a proportional basis, to the minority lists that have passed the barrier;
  • 1 seat goes to the governor candidate who came second in the preferences.

The leader of the regional list that obtains the highest number of valid votes is proclaimed president of the Region.

The electoral offices

The municipal offices will remain open, from 9 to 19, to allow citizens to collect the electoral card, in the event that they have not received it, or for the eventual release of the duplicate, in the event that it has been lost or become unusable . The sessions of the Palermo district Electoral Commission for the admission to the vote of citizens not included, for various reasons, in the normal reviews, will take place tomorrow 25 September at 12 and 21. Applications must be delivered personally, to the Electorate Office of the Municipality until 7 pm on the same Sunday.

The seats

At 4 pm today, polling stations have been set up throughout Italy. They are made up of their respective presidents, appointed by the president of the competent Court of Appeal for the territory, who call on 4 scrutineers and a secretary to be part of them. The latter is chosen by the president, before the office takes office, from among those enrolled in the electoral lists of the Municipality in possession of a qualification not lower than the second degree diploma.

On the other hand, the scrutineers are designated for each election by the municipal electoral commission between the 25th and the 20th day prior to the date of the elections from among those registered in the appropriate register. Immediately after being constituted, the section electoral office proceeds with the authentication of the ballot papers, the opening of the envelope containing the section stamp and affixing the stamp.

Once all the operations have been completed, the president seals the ballot boxes, the boxes and the boxes containing the ballots and closes the envelope containing all the acts, the minutes and the stamp of the section. So he postpones the operations of the section electoral office to 7 am tomorrow, when voting begins.

For this electoral round the sections, throughout the Peninsula, are in total 61,556. The voters called to vote are 50,869,304, of which 4,741,790 abroad. Of the 46,127,514 voters in Italy, 51.74% are women and the remaining 48.26% are men. The electoral body includes 2,682,094 adults who for the first time, after the recent amendment of Article 58 of the Constitution, will be able to vote not only for the Chamber of Deputies, but also to elect the Senate of the Republic. Of the young voters there are 1,302,170 women and 1,379,924 men.

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