In Stockings Kim Shantal Is Desired by Rick & Morty in Networks

Kim Shantal as a true goddess appeared with Rick & Morty in stockings and lit the nets for the pose in which they appear

27-year-old Kim Shantal is putting social networks like fire and the girl has tried too hard to captivate her followers on Instagram because even though she has more than ten million followers on Instagram, she wants more That’s why he shared a photo which he mixed with two very popular animated characters.

Rick & Morty were the characters that moved everyone on Kim Shantal’s personal account, where she appears only with stockings and is posing on her back, unleashing total madness, as it is well known that the Netflix series, as well as the influencer, are very popular, so together they were a total bomb, and everyone likes to see all three characters.

The photo reached more than 900 thousand likes, in addition to several comments of all kinds where they let Kim Shantal know that she is a very beautiful woman and that she knows very well how to choose series on Netflix as if that were not enough, her fans trusted that she too YouTuber will continue to upload more photos with this type of content because they really liked the photoshop made by the beautiful young woman from Tijuana.

“Already Kim, you spend here the goddess is Kimberly Loaiza”, “@kimshantal just like me. Like the one in yellow”, “I love your videos I hope one day I can meet you, you’re pretty, the most beautiful in Badabun I love you very much I love your photos your videos re-imprison you “,” She looks wonderful in pantyhose so cute, “they wrote to Kim Shantal on Instagram.

Another thing that fans love about Kim Shantal is that she has always been a very direct woman and that is that haters have questioned the aesthetic operations that have been performed, so the beautiful woman went with everything to her detractors, but in an intelligent way, because she let them know that she is a free woman to do what she wants since she does not care what she will say as long as she is happy.

It is surprising the outrage of some people when they see a change in a body that is neither theirs nor affects them. If you want to change something about your body, do it, if you go to the gym and give yourself on Mother’s Day, Kim Shantal wrote in a publication where she makes it clear that she is not a woman who stops criticism but answers them in a smart.

The YouTuber’s makeup also excites the girls, since she is usually a lover of dark tones, which look great on her brown skin, and she almost always uses shadows, since she likes how her eyes are projected when using this cosmetic which gives a lot of life to the look of the young woman.

Kim Shantal with a unique beauty falls in love with everyone / Instagram

Kim Shantal has also become a very supportive woman, because when she can’t take it anymore, her mother supports her in everything she does, that is why we see her very happy when she video blogs with her since there is no woman who is happier with her, that is why it is very common to see them together.

The model not only loves to appear in stockings, but she is also a lover of swimsuits with which she looks incredible since her curves take everyone’s eyes, also Kim Shantal loves landscapes so she tries to pose as close as possible with nature.

It is worth mentioning that Kim Shantal despite having millions of fans, still does not think about love, because the most important thing for her is her career that is why she does not waste her time in relationships, since the time for her is money, in addition, consider that fate will be the one to put a good man in your life.

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