In the depths of winter, Israel releases Palestinian detainees naked or wearing diapers: UN

Palestinians detained in Gaza after torture and ill-treatmentbe put into free Not enough clothes to withstand the winter, almost nude sometimes only with diaper The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said today that they were subjected to force while in detention.

Those who were released “reported that they had Beating, Humiliation, Abuse and Abuse Can consider it tortureAjith Sunghay, director of the U.N. office in the Palestinian territories, told a virtual meeting in Rafah, southern Gaza.

Local officials who met with Palestinians in Gaza who were released after one to two months of detention noted that some of them said they had Blindfolded for several days Or they could only bathe once during their entire captivity.

Israel uses Gaza universities for interrogations

Regarding the possibility that many of them were detained at a facility used by the Israeli army for interrogations at a university in the Gaza capital and destroyed this week, Sunghay acknowledged that none of them knew where they were being held because they were being transferred Wear a blindfold.

“What I have learned is consistent with reports our office has accumulated regarding the mass detention of Palestinians, including many civilians, in secret prisons.

Palestinian detainees violated, unable to see their families

“Victims of abuse have no access to relatives, lawyers or effective judicial protection,” he told a news conference in Geneva for U.N. correspondents in Geneva.

Members of the office headed by High Commissioner Volker Türk added that families also did not know the whereabouts of the detainees.

“Israel must take urgent measures to ensure that the treatment of detainees complies with international humanitarian and human rights standards, in particular due process,” he stressed.

He also called for the release of those still detained:

If Israel cannot prove security concerns, do not do so and investigate all suspicions of torture or ill-treatment and take action to prevent these abuses from happening again.

“Victims and their families have the right to truth, justice and reparation,” Chenghai said. (Efe)

‘Alarming’ images of Israeli soldiers detaining half-naked Palestinians: UN

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